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Week 3 Notes – Tu

  • Lecture/Discussion – Info Credibility
    • Guest: Jessica Albano, UW Librarian, noon
  • Asynchronous Communication Assignment (1)
    In class today, read this week’s blog post for each student in your peer group. Make a cogent comment on their reflection, but first read the comments made before yours! No “dittos” allowed. :) Before class on Thursday, re-read your post and the comments of your peer group members. Write at least one comment in reply.

    • Keep a log (Word or plain text) of the text of your comments (including your reply on your blog post). Include the title and link of each post; put your name, student number, and e-mail address in the upper left hand corner of the log. Bring a digital copy to class on Thursday; we will use eSubmit to turn them in.
  • Project Draft Proposal – Asynchronous Communication Assignment (2)
    • Demo how to comment on proposal in Catalyst. Note: all students did not upload their proposal topic; e-mails to me or blog posts alone do not count as completing this assignment. I have re-opened Catalyst; it will close again at noon today – permanently.
    • Comments on proposals are due Monday. See the “podcast” assignment.

Week three questions



Week 3 Questions

Full list of questions follows.
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