Week 3 Notes – Th

Questions for today’s discussion:

  • Why is that the often Mozilla Firefox is not always compatible with certain websites (particularly online shopping sites)? It seems as though it is fairly mainstream, but still there seems to be sites that are not unable to run with Mozilla.
  • Nelson’s article says that “more new information has been produced within the last three decades, than in the last FIVE millennia”. The internet has not been readily available that long, so where does this influx in information production seem to have come from?
  • Does anyone else feel that since the explosion of the internet children have lost a lot of their imagination and drive to play outside?
    • Note: this question was asked about TV … video games … home computers …
  • Do you think there should be an “official online academic endorsement,” similar to the Good Housekeeping Seal, placed on websites frequently used by students. If so, who would issue the endorsement and how would you recommend it be managed?
    • Related: Should there by some sort of agency that regulates false, inaccurate, or outdated information posted on the Web?
  • Is it easier to search through information in a database, such as proquest to find accurate information, or to search google where you would get more variety in the category you are searching? Which information are you more likely to find easier?
    • Related: Are we getting information lazy and instead of searching we just soak up the knowledge that is presented to us??
    • Related: Now that anyone can publish on the internet, who will be in charge of checking the information for falsities and how will we ever ve able to know if the information is factual?

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