Week 4 Notes – Tu

Human Computer Interaction

  • Lecture Part 1 (will continue on Thursday)
  • Discussion Leaders – Group 1
    • We will count off into small groups
    • Group leaders will spread around the room
    • We will spend approximately 10 minutes per presentation. There will be 2-3 “rounds”
    • We’ll regroup and discuss as a group
  • Lab:
    • Finding music (see Podcast Assignment)
    • Help discussion leaders get their PPTs linked (if not already done)
  • Reading post due Monday @ 9 pm!
  • Search Assignment (step 2 of the final project) is due Friday

Questions for today (we’ll discuss questions on Thursday):

  • What does analog really mean (def1, def2, def3 and image) – and analog v digital cell phone call quality
  • Is the Long Tail something that Chris Anderson made up? Or is it a real concept?
  • Is there any possible way that a person could gain access to the Internet without have to pay an ISP like the reading suggests?
  • As far as “owing the Internet” is this battle still going on? Are different corporations trying to buy the Internet?
  • A bit off topic – but what are your thoughts on a “code of conduct” such as that which Tim O’Reilly started to draft for bloggers and blog comments?

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  1. This week’s discussion leader posts:


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