Week 4 Notes – Th

Human Computer Interaction

Questions for today’s discussion:

  • How is it that humans created a digital world that is so different from the way we function?
  • If you could change one thing to make your computer more intuitive and user friendly, what would it be?
  • With our ever growing dependence on computers and the internet, should schooling change and emphasize a students ability to use the internet and the computer? Why? If so, how?
  • How do you feel the computer and Internet have affected your relationships? Do humans suffer socially when interacting mostly with a computer or can the internet make interactions with other people more personal and intimate?
  • When the internet was initially “started” Sterling suggest it was essentially free to the technological literate (or elite group.) In your opinion should the internet be provided at no cost to users? And if so, what type of social barriers are built due to corporations controlling access to the internet?
  • For Kathy:
    • If the computer and human brain are very similar I wonder if [computers] really could surpass our brain? Can/could computers process information faster than the human brain?
    • Do you believe Sterling’s article is scholarly or credible since he does not state Al Gore as the inventor of the internet?
    • Can you think of any other technologies developed for military use that have become popular in the civilian world? [Jeeps! Computers! More recently: low light imaging cameras and other commercial applications (pdf).  Space program spin-offs. Technology transfer programs and policy]



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