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Another “Seal” Example

This is from a site dispensing health info. However, the seal does not “link” back to the accrediting organization (detracts from credibility). But the “accrediting” site has nothing about the seal on its program pages. So. What does this do for credibility of the original site? A Google search of the accrediting site yields this info (it still does not validate the above website).


Week 4 Notes – Tu

Human Computer Interaction

  • Lecture Part 1 (will continue on Thursday)
  • Discussion Leaders – Group 1
    • We will count off into small groups
    • Group leaders will spread around the room
    • We will spend approximately 10 minutes per presentation. There will be 2-3 “rounds”
    • We’ll regroup and discuss as a group
  • Lab:
    • Finding music (see Podcast Assignment)
    • Help discussion leaders get their PPTs linked (if not already done)
  • Reading post due Monday @ 9 pm!
  • Search Assignment (step 2 of the final project) is due Friday

Questions for today (we’ll discuss questions on Thursday): Read the rest of this entry

Questions – Week 4

This week’s questions!
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Week 3 Notes – Th

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Week 3 Notes – Tu

  • Lecture/Discussion – Info Credibility
    • Guest: Jessica Albano, UW Librarian, noon
  • Asynchronous Communication Assignment (1)
    In class today, read this week’s blog post for each student in your peer group. Make a cogent comment on their reflection, but first read the comments made before yours! No “dittos” allowed. :) Before class on Thursday, re-read your post and the comments of your peer group members. Write at least one comment in reply.

    • Keep a log (Word or plain text) of the text of your comments (including your reply on your blog post). Include the title and link of each post; put your name, student number, and e-mail address in the upper left hand corner of the log. Bring a digital copy to class on Thursday; we will use eSubmit to turn them in.
  • Project Draft Proposal – Asynchronous Communication Assignment (2)
    • Demo how to comment on proposal in Catalyst. Note: all students did not upload their proposal topic; e-mails to me or blog posts alone do not count as completing this assignment. I have re-opened Catalyst; it will close again at noon today – permanently.
    • Comments on proposals are due Monday. See the “podcast” assignment.

Week three questions