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  • Lecture/Discussion (ppt)
  • Discussion Leaders
  • Discussion Questions:
    • Some people believe that blogging is simply a fad, to be popular for a few years and disappear within the next decade. Do you view blogging as a lasting medium and why?
    • When considering the credibility of blogs and the objectivity of bloggers, do you feel the literal “free press” blogs provide to us will cause credibility to shift from established news outlets?
    • Do you agree with the statement: Blogging has changed the medium of media to: “One-to-one, One-to-many, and many-to-many?” How and where do you see this happen?
    • What company or organization that you interact with on a daily basis do you think could benefit from developing a corporate blog?
    • Do you think podcasts and videocasts and blogs will supplant — change — or have no effect on “traditional” sources of news and entertainment?
  • Assignments:
    • Everyone except discussion leaders:
      Pick one of the questions above — respond (using the comment feature on this page), referencing (narrative, not hypertext!) material raised in one of the individual discussion groups you participated in today; 250 words or less! Please do this by the end of today (otherwise, you’ll forget!).
    • Discussion leaders: reminder: please double-check your citation format. Remember to post your reflection on the experience of being a leader — and tag all discussion-leader-related posts as “discussion leader.”
    • Reading!

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  1. Ariana Dawson

    I personally do not think that blogging is merely a “fad”,its popularity is sky-rocketing and is being utilized by a range of people (younger and older). I personally, do not blog and had actually never explored blogging of any type before this class. In one of the small groups we discussed how blogging is becoming a universal tool that companies, school, teachers, teenagers, talk radio.. everyone is using. I think that blogging is truly as lasting medium. Its the new section of the tradition newspaper where people email or write letters in to respond to articles, situations or whatever. With blogging people are allowed to speak their mind, good and bad, critize and applaud works, situations, people as well as have others respond to their insights and thoughts. If blogs were to DIE tomorrow people would lose a sense of themselves. In many ways blogging is source of news, media and a lifestyle.

  2. In response to the first question-

    I definitely do not feel that blogging is just a fad. It may seem that way since it’s taken off so quickly, but I think it’s here to stay. So far, this is the third class I’ve taken in my 3 years at UW that has required me to post blogs about course readings. I believe blogging is making things easier, more accessible to more people, and is providing people with more opinions on topics and information on things we might not normally hear about in the media. In one of the discussion groups, we discussed how even political campaigns are using blogs to better relate to the public. Also, blogs just make sense since our generation is so computer savy and gets a lot of our information from the internet. I only see blogs continuing to grow in popularity- those that are more innovative including videos, pictures, links, inside sources, etc. are the ones that will get the most attention and remain on top.

  3. Alexandra Verdream

    When considering the credibility of blogs and the objectivity of bloggers, do you feel the literal “free press” blogs provide to us will cause credibility to shift from established news outlets?

    I really enjoyed the discussion that took place in class today because I have to admit that I am not very familiar or knowledgeable when it comes to blogs. During small groups today I learned how diverse blogs were and how many people found them to be credible and used them in many aspects of thier lives. I am starting to come around on my thinking and I do believe that blogs can be considered credible but I cannot go as far as to say that I think they are more credible than news sources or will take away credibility of news sources. However I do acknoledge the other side of this issue. Bloggers are more free to report on what they wish, they do not have to be objective, and they do not have to censor their opinions (for the most part). It is my opinion that bloggers and traditional news media sources both have thier niches in society and they balance eachother out and work together to create a more informed and well rounded news enviornment, neither taking the place of the other.

  4. I don’t believe that blogging is just a fad that will disappear in the next decade because I believe that too many people are becoming infatuated with it. Blogging is a way for the average person to get their opinion heard and it has proven to be very effective. Blogging has also become a prominent factor that is involved in politics and in the way that journalists get feed back on their articles. We talked about this in Jackie’s power point, and she asked if Blogging would die or take over. I think that it will fall some where in the middle but what ever it does it is a pat of life on the Internet that will only grow. It isn’t going away anytime soon.

  5. I don’t think that blogging is simply a “fad.” Fads are often trends that do not last because they do not make sense or they lose momentum when gaining popularity. I do not think either will be true in the future of blogging. In fact, we discussed quite the opposite situation occurring in the future. In Kat’s discussion group, we talked about whether we thought that blogging would take over existing forms of traditional media. We agreed that blogging was here to stay but that it would remain a supplement to the existing media forms. Because the idea of blogs have been put out onto the internet and people are able to share their opinions to others, I think that it would be impossible to eliminate the trend of blogging altogether.

  6. Although blogging has become extremely popular in the past few years, I do not think that it is a fad. It seems to have what it takes to last a long time and it appeals to most people. I always thought that blogging was just sites people set up to have on-line journals, I didn’t know that it was being used in the business world. I think that blogs appeal to people because they are biased and have potential to supply the reader with more information than a newspaper. In the newspaper, the writers try to remain neutral (which is nearly impossible), but the paper will only publish certain works and certain views. But blogging, all views are available on-line. Plus stories that aren’t being published, or are being censored too much are also on-line (i.e. information about 9/11).

  7. I do not think blogging is a fad better yet I believe that the bloggesphere will only continue to grow in the coming years. People are always going to have something to say and where is a better place to say it than in a blog where people will actually read it and respond to it. Although I do not think that blogs are creditable sources I do think they bring a lot of new information to the table. I personally would never go to a blog to find out information. In fact I dont really understand why people do. If I am confused about an article in the paper the first thing I would check it with is another paper….or maybe online news. The only way I would even visit a blog is to see what other people feel about an issue that im interested in. Either way you look at it blogs are not going anywhere and the sphere will only continue to grow.

  8. The lecture today makes me think about the overall credibility of blogs. I think that people reading blogs feel that for the most part they are credible sources. I think that this is due in part that people seek out information on a topic that they are curious about. Once a blog confirms that person’s ideologies, that person may feel that that blog is credible. I feel that an educated, critical and objectful person, would question a source, especially a blog which does not have an ethic code associated with it.
    This reminds me when bloggers across the country attacked CBS’ story on the Bush Guard story. The bloggers stated that the documents presented were not authentic. People believed the bloggers and felts that they were a credible source. The public sided with the bloggers and against CBS. This shows today that bloggers are powerful.

  9. After hearing the presentation today on “Wag the Blog” I was extremely surprised to hear about the amount of people who actually thought that blogs were more credible than established media. I don’t think that “free press” blogs will have any negative effect on the credibility of traditional forms of media. I think that it would make traditional media appear more credible because there is not an obvious motive or bias that can present in many blogs that attempt to pawn themselves off as being credible news sources.

  10. Lindsey Marsh

    I definitely think that blogging is not just a fad. After hearing about the article “Wag the Blog” during all htree presentations, I found that the popularity of blogs is increasing. Also, all of the presentations showed that people feel that blogs are generally credible sources of information and news. I feel that people always think that new technology is just a fad, and some times they are right, but when so many people are adapting to the new technology, it doesnt seem like a fad to me.

  11. In response to blogging as a lasting medium, I do not believe blogging is a fad. When blogging first became popular, I might have argued that it was. Today; on the other hand, we are strongly influenced by blogging. As discussed in today’s lecture, blogging has drastically changed politics and journalism. Blogs are full of information and opinions, and many turn to blogs during political debates and elections. Many are even turning to blogs for news and inspiration for news stories.

    Blogging is also popular to the masses because everyone has a voice. One can write their personal thoughts in a diary, express their opinions on world issues, and leave feedback on books, music, etc. Within the blogosphere, people are able to ‘speak’ their mind without hesitation.

    All of this being considered, I do not believe blogging is a fad.

  12. When I think of a fad, I think of UGG boots, parachute pants, and the word “hella”. Those will be gone in the near future, however I believe blogs are going to be here for a long time. The blogosphere has introduced a whole new way to look at journalism, and as mentioned in Kat’s presentation, is not only becoming increasingly popular, but also more credible than more “tradional” media. I think blogs are the next step in the evolution of instantaneous journalism.

  13. I think it is very unlikely that blogging is a “fad” that will disappear within the next decade. As discussed in many of the groups today, particularly the Wag the Blog discussions, blog readership has risen significantly since the late 90’s, from around thirty thousand in 1998 to more than three million in early 2004. With such a vast increase in subscribers, it appears as though blogs have gained popularity and are continuing with a stronger momentum than ever. I also think that blogs have created a much needed outlet of discussion for people from all different walks of life. In political, social, cultural, religious, racial and many other controversial arenas, blogging has given a voice to those who previously had none. Instead of just being able to hear/see the opinions of journalists and accredited commentators, people like you and I can now share our thoughts, beliefs and ideas with the world if we choose to do so via blogging technology. With more people getting online than ever before, I think it is important for them to have the option to express their opinions freely. I think blogs are the future of journalism—though they may never replace traditional forms of media—blogs have a cult following that is here to stay.

  14. Question: “Do you think podcasts and videocasts and blogs will supplant — change — or have no effect on ‘traditional’ sources of news and entertainment?”

    I don’t believe that podcasts, videocasts, and blogs will supplant traditional sources and entertainment. Although these electronic sources may supplement traditional sources, they may not fully surpass traditional media’s use. Some may argue that traditional sources offer an accumulated trust that has been established between them and their audiences. Also, the editorial process for traditional media may be deemed more reliable than the instantaneous nature of blogs/podcasts/vodcasts. Although in the “Wag the Dog” presentations stated that blogs were considered to be more credible than other sources, I believe that a balance of the two is necessary to have informed perspectives. Ideally, checks and balances would occur between traditional and new media.

    Podcasts/vodcasts/blogs have definitely changed the scope of traditional media. Rupert Murdoch from FOX bought out YouTube. The MTV Awards featured OK Go and their amazing “Here It Goes Again” routine. Newspapers are trying to incorporate blogs into their online websites. Yes, these electronic media have influenced traditional media and culture in a rather profound way.

  15. Sheldon Rapoza

    In response to the question as to whether or not blogging will be a fad, I most certainly think that it will be a lasting medium. I think that it is refreshing for some people because it is another way to get information that alot of times would not be available on popular media sources. Blogs allow independent researchers/writers to post their own stories and are constantly updated by other bloggers. There is a sense that all bloggers are on the same team and are working solely to get the truth out.
    I think an important reason why blogging will last is because of something we talked about in Alex’s group. Most blog sources are credible, and that is important to other net users. Blogs usually come from credible sites and alot of times they link things with hypertext in their blog to other sites where they obtained their facts from. It is sort of like a work cited within itself. Once other bloggers realize its credible, they add to the stories which just adds more brain power to the situation.

  16. Even though blogging continues to become increasing popular and a great way to encounter information in a timely manner, I do not think that it will phase out traditional media sources. I believe the traditional sources will continue to become more internet based to direct their information to target audiences but I can’t see people reading blogs to get news rather than going to more scholarly news sources. I also do not see blogging as a fad, but merely another form of technology and do not think it will go away. I learned new information in the groups on Thursday and thought the presentation on online diaries was entertaining and informative.

  17. I view blogging as a lasting medium because of its prevalence and influence on society today. In fact I think that it has become complementary to traditional media. In one of the discussion groups we talked about how traditional media provide the information that bloggers write about, yet they also look to blogs for inspiration or content that they have yet to cover. As news consumers we can expect to get better quality stories. Blogs are mostly opinionated and subjective in nature while journalists have an obligation to be objective, fair and accurate in reporting the news. The values of both thus oppose one another but in spite of that, they can be useful to one another.

    The credibility of blogs was also discussed and it was agreed that people tend to find blogs who cite their sources of information to be more credible than those that didn’t. Hence I think that credibility plays a part in ensuring that blogs are more than just a fad because, while acknowledging that blogs contain more opinion, people are aware that there is a basis for what is being said and will not simply dismiss it. Hence, I do not think that blogging is a fad that will disappear anytime in the next decade.

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