Week 7 Questions

Student questions from week 7:

  • Do you think the internet is an effective tool for reaching potential voters? Or do you think that the web only supplements those people who would be involved in the political campaigns, regardless of the internet?
  • Are there other ways of making the internet more useful than what has already been discussed in the articles pertaining to political campaigns?
  • Do you think websites can help or hurt a political candidate’s campaign? Why?
  • Do you believe that these sites are trying to push their views on you, and with that knowledge, do you think it backfires?
  • What do you think the most effective way would be to get you drawn to a political site? Colors? Polls? Interviews? Gossip?
  • Do opposing political candidates create their websites at the same time so one candidate doesn’t copy or use the others website as a model?
  • How important do you think blogs are in effort to get young adults up to date and aware of political campaigns and such?
  • Do you consider the Internet to be an organizing tool?
  • Can you really ever fully understand politics by just looking at the web-sites of those that are running?
  • What is another time in politics when the medium was the message?
  • Is using the Internet for campaigning cost-efficient for political parties? Or are they still paying about the same for all the advertisements and what not?
  • Do you think elections will ever be moved to the Internet or some type of electronic system in which we won’t have to go to a specific location to cast our ballot?
  • Are there statistics that can accurately show how many people use the internet to figure out the “issues”; particularly political ones? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the upper 60-70 percentile.
  • Do the political blogs get edited by campaigh officials so as to keep certain, unfavorable, commentary off? Does this make the information voters and potential voters get biased and not the entire truth?
  • Are there any negative impacts that internet technologies are having on politics?
  • What do you think is the biggest benefit of politicians campaigning via the internet?
  • If candidates are able to save significant amounts of money by connecting to their supporters via the internet, then why to they continually feel the need to raise more and more money through donations every year?
  • If you look a the sites of the upcoming candidates for the 2008 election do you see things they are doing wrong or that they could improve after reading the article by Kathy Gill which explains ways to makes both the Bush and Kerry internet sites better?
  • How do you think the impact of using the internet will change from the 2004 election to the 2008 election? Any dramatic differences you are already seeing by the way they use new media?
  • How much has the website readership for campaigns such as the presidential campaign grown in the last ten years? How many of us checked out the Kerry/Bush websites to get information rather than watching television or listening to the radio?
  • How many of us actually would have recognized the faults of the Kerry/Bush websites?
  • What kind of things are generally discussed on campaign website blogs? It seems as though it would just be an easy outlet for opponents of a candidate to bash his/her politics, ideas and character, so what is the appeal of the candidate blog?
  • What will be the impact of blogs on future presidential campaigns?
  • What are the qualities an ideal campaign website should embody?
  • What is the influence of the Internet age on politics? Have politicians and what they say become more closely scrutinized?
  • How many people in class visited the Kerry of Bush website frequently during the 2004 election? If you did not visit either, what online tools did you use to stay informed?
  • After reading the Gill article, what feature of the Kerry/Bush website do you believe was most inhibiting to the online user? What was the most helpful?
  • In the 2008 election, what single feature would you like to be added to a candidate blog?
  • The candidates who win now, are they actually the more favored or just better organized online?
  • Are campaigns manipulating people to vote for them?
  • How will boggs impact the future of voting?
  • How should a website be structured to be easy to use and be beneficial?
  • Is it now easier to scrutinize politicians due to the internet?
  • Are there any businesses or products you have not given your patronage to because their website is ugly, hard to navigate and/or one-sided (ie. no clear way to get help or provide feedback)?
  • Do you think a political candidate with a myspace profile adds or detracts from their credibility or attraction in any way?
  • Do you think bloggers have, overall, helped or harmed politicians and their campaigns?
  • Have you ever had a door-to-door campaign volunteer come to your home? What was your experience? Do you think that they came because of your demographic information?
  • Have you used the Internet to find more information about a political campaign? What was your experience?
  • Do you like using the Internet better than T.V. and other media sources to find political information? Why or why not?
  • Do you feel a campaign site is lacking if it does not include a blog? What are the pros and cons to having a blog?
  • Does a campaign site’s appearance (along with ease of use, navigation, etc.) affect how you think of the candidate?
  • Do you feel campaign sites are more effective for a younger generation or are accepted by all ages and are effective for all ages?
  • How much of an impact will the Internet have on Decision 2008?
  • What should be the focus of presidential candidates: blogs or websites?
  • Will this trend of a growing Internet use for this purpose continue in the future or will it go back to television and traveling?
  • Has the internet benefited politicans more than hindered politicians?
  • Should we someday, use the internet and computers to vote for future elections?
  • Will the influence of the internet on people ever raise the amount of people who vote?
  • Do you feel that the Internet has a positive or negative impact on politics these days?
  • Compare the impact that the Internet has on presidential candidacies with the impact that the television had in the 1950’s and 60’s.
  • What are you looking for in a presidential candidate’s website? Do you feel that you are getting what you want?
  • Has the rise of internet’s role in politics helped to raise the percentage of voters in America?
  • When politicians have websites such as MySpace or Facebook, are they trying to reach a younger, hipper audience?
  • Do politicians make more public mistakes now or are they just caught more often now because of internet and video technology?
  • Will people soon be able to vote online for elections? Would it save time, money, and paper? Would it be more accurate or less accurate than traditional voting?
  • So what exactly is next? We see the sites for the 2008 campaigns but what’s now different about them?
  • Is Kathy going to do another quadrennial assessment?
  • What if Dean hadn’t been chastised for his excitement on television?
  • If campaigning goes mainly online is there any chance we will no longer see the candidates adds on TV?
  • Is there anyway to make sure that candidates are not using Internet technologies to pull the wool over voter’s eyes.
  • Will Internet campaign be able to break this country of the 2 party system that we are stuck with.
  • What would be the most important information a candidate or elected official could give you one their website?
  • Have there been any studies as to how much campaign websites have improved votes for a particular campaign?
  • With regards to the blogs done by the candidates, do they actually respond to questions or comment by potential voters or do they just post thoughts?
  • Are campaign candidates such as Bush and Kerry involved at all as to how their websites are set up or structured? My guess is that they just hire a team of people to do it for them but I feel like it could be a good way to gain more votes if they made people aware that they helped make their website.
  • How do you think the Presidential Candidates will approach their campaigns online? Will they implement YouTube, MySpace, and other forms of medium most commonly used in the public?
  • As the ASUW elections come about, how do you think the two tickets have used the Internet to their advantage? How is this similiar or different to governmental campaigns?
  • Kathy Gill mentioned that the Bush website contained a blog which did not allow comments, while Kerry’s blog enabled comments for the public’s use. In the future, do you believe that political blogs will tend to be more open to the public’s comments? Will blogs be taken into consideration, as a medium to connect to the community?
  • In Gill’s article (Figure 6 and 7) I noticed that the campaign logo for Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edward had very different designs. Bush/Cheney, for example “BUSH” is in large bold font resting above a smaller “CHENEY”, while “Kerry” and “Edwards” are in the same font size and sit side-by-side. Do you think this difference has any impact on a reader? Is Bush being portrayed as bigger and better than Cheney, while Kerry and Edwards are the same?
  • Facebook and other social networks have taken off since the last presidential election. How do you think these networks will respond to the coming election (other than campaign groups, etc.)?
  • In the recent debates between Republican Presidential candidates, viewers used a blog to submit questions for the candidates to discuss. Some viewers were ask questions, and requesting only a “Yes” or “No” response. While I agree with the audience being able to participate in the debate, do you think questions like these are fair to the candidates? (In other words, shouldn’t a candidate be able to support their answer with more than “yes” or “no?”)

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