Week 9 Questions

Your questions!

  • What percentage of American population use VoIP for their phone service?
  • Are regular phone companies changing their technologies to be able to compete with VoIP in the future?
  • Have you ever used VoIP? How fast do you think it will catch on?
  • Do you think that it is a reliable source of connecting to people via phone?
  • How long have VoIP’s been around? How come I am just hearing about them?
  • Are pay services offered by companies like AT&T as popular as free softwares like Skype?
  • The article stated that VoIP’s might be regulated in the near future, are there any types of restrictions on them currently?
  • How many people actually tried VoIP in the US?
  • How do you thing the phone companies feel about this? And what are they going to do to stay in business?
  • What about government’s security, now with this new technology the government can’t trace calls?
  • Would you switch from a landline phone to VoIP? What about a cell phone to VoIP?
  • Would the increase of VoIP be related to the number of internet users? What about the many people who don’t own PC’s or don’t have internet access in their homes?
  • Do you think VoIP will succeed or fail? Why?
  • What would it take for you to give up a landline for good?
  • Do you think telephones will become obsolete in the not-too-distant-future?
  • While there are both for-cost and free VoIP services, do you think VoIP should be free since you already pay for the internet access it uses?
  • If the VoIP becomes susceptible to hackers or viruses what happens? Does the connection not work anymore?
  • How does VoIP compare and differ to Skype?
  • Is there a particular age group that VoIP is targeted to?
  • Have you ever used a VoIP phone? Explain your experience.
  • What do you think is the easiest or most attractive way to use a VoIP phone? Why?
  • What do you think is the next step for long-distance calls?
  • Are there any benefits to keeping telephones around? Do the disadvantages of VoIP worry you?
  • Do you think cable companies will have a monopoly over most of our communication technologies?
  • How can we/the government control this?
  • Do you think VoIP could cause a decline in cell phone usage? Would you be more inclined to use VoIP instead of a cell phone?
  • Will this new technology turn into a new way to wirelessly chat and if so then is it going to replace cell phones?
  • Is VoIP only popular with long distance phone calls or do people use it for local calls as well?
  • If this only works with broadband and does become a normal way of communicating how will VoIP be able to reach the percentage of people who don’t have access to broadband internet connection?
  • Do you think people are more drawn to the reliability of a product or it’s cost?
  • Why does the FCC care about VoIP?
  • Should it be free if you buy the special phone?
  • Will this anger big companies like comcast?
  • Will it ever take over and be the only way people call others?
  • What would it take for VoIP to totally replace traditional phones?
  • What do you think the biggest disadvantage of VoIP is? Why?
  • What is the biggest advantage of VoIP technology?
  • How will this change the way we use cell phones?
  • How could we make calls from our computers just as easily as cell phones?
  • Will this put phone carriers out of business or will it just make them have to change some of their techniques?
  • Since it says that we are already probably making VoIP calls when we place a long-distance call how is it significantly impacting cable and telephone networks?
  • With all the same features of our companies we have now do they consider their competition the phone companies already in business or are they completely “different”?
  • Is it not even competition?
  • Will this transmission time speed be noticeable to consumers just like internet speed is such a big deal to us now?
  • How does/will VoIP affect cell networks?
  • Will Wi-Fi phones, or Wi-Fi devices, ever replace cell phones?
  • How close are we to associating a geographic location with an IP address?
  • With your conversation being transmitted into packets, is there greater chance for missing pieces, time, stalls in the call, or any of the annoying aspects cell companies have been trying to diminish?
  • Is there any resistance from phone companies to stop the advancement of VoIP’s?
  • Do you think you will ever be able to only use VoIP communication systems and get rid of their conventional phones all together?
  • Does the potential replacement of phone companies by VoIP’s include the cell phone companies?
  • How will cell phones affect this new technology?
  • Will the government be able to filter and listen in on these calls like they can with emails?
  • If everyone starts using the Internet to make calls how mad will it slow the Internet down?
  • Will telephone networks start offering cheaper rates for overseas calls to compete with VoIP?
  • Will telephone networks start offering VoIP services as well at lower rates, but improve on call quality?
  • What modes of long-distance communication do people prefer – VoIP, e-mail, instant messaging or calling over telephone networks?
  • Are telephone companies actually going to be making money because they could sell the software?
  • Would it be easier for people to tap into phone calls since it is over the internet?
  • Will the VoIP not widen the gap between the rich and poor and create more of a digital divide?
  • How will the government respond to VoIC services? What regulations are currently in place, if any?
  • Has VoIC services caught on in the general population?
  • Because cell phones are so prevalent in this time and age, how will VoIC services implement cell phones into its future evolving technology?
  • How do you think the US government is responding to VoIP, considering VoIP call-locations cannot be located and this may be difficult for national security?
  • Have you taken advantage of VoIP services? If so, which ones and why?
  • Why is it that some VoIP services can connect to 911 Emergency, but others cannot? For safety purposes, shouldn’t all services be required to have that ability?
  • Do you think mainstream cell phones will come equipped with Ethernet connections? If so, what year do you project this change will take place on a widespread level?
  • If you were traveling abroad for 3 months, would you purchase an IP phone, or use computer to computer services like Skype to stay in touch with family and friends? Explain your rationale for your choice.
  • If you believe VoIP will take over traditional phone service, what year do you think this change will happen?
  • What major changes must occur for this fundamental shift in consumer lifestyle patterns much occur?

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