Week 10 Notes – Th

  • Round table sharing of any podcasts ready for review
  • Awards
  • Create Creative Commons License and add to com300 page in WordPress!
  • If needed: how to upload final mp3 to server
  • Course evaluation (volunteer to collect)


  • Podcast idea best reflects course material: Abby, Kat
  • Podcast idea best reflects medium (audio): Lindsay
  • Podcast idea that reflects most research/work: Bretta
  • Most original idea: Eric
  • Podcasts I’d be most likely to download and listen: Eric, Lindsay, Nancy, Scott

Final Deliverables (syllabus) due Tuesday at 11.30!

  • COM 300 page has
    • Example – Eric
    • Link to podcast mp3
    • Creative Commons License
    • Discussion Leader links(see syllabus)
      • Post, Reflection
      • Link to PPT (if not linked in DL  post)
  • eSubmit for annotated bibliography & script

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  1. Remember, we’re not doing anything big, we’re just collapsing space and time.

    -Paraphrase of Kathy Gill-

  2. I linked my podcast to a power point and put it on my com 300 page. I hope this is right because it was the only way i could figure out how to get my podcast on there.

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