Week 2 – Monday

Agenda – Evolution of Digital Communication

  • Class introductions (students who missed last week) and sign-in
  • MultiMedia
  • Lecture/Discussion


  • Introductions – Reminder of policy on absences
    You are responsible for all assigned readings and materials presented in class lectures. You should be aware that missing class could adversely affect your performance on assignments and homework. It is your responsibility to obtain all materials missed by working with other students (do not expect the professor to provide this information). It is also your responsibility to complete all assignments, even if you missed the class where the assignment was made. Material is available online.
  • email: Please use clear subject lines and include “COM300”. If you have an urgent question, say so in the subject line. I try to return email within 24 hours M-Th. Please sign the email with your first name.
  • Reading Assignment – Before Wednesday, take this time to read some of your fellow classmate blogs. You might start with your fellow discussion leader group. NOTE: many of you did not blog the reading assignment and others did not include discussion questions. (Please list them at the bottom of the post; I’m not going to tease them out of the text.)
    • Posts of note: Dan (title!), John (illustrated!), Josh (2nd Life!)
    • Questions of note: Ashley, Christopher, Maggie
    • Please help me! Look on this list to see if I have a record of your blog (these were the published blogs on Thursday morning). If your blog is not on this list, please send me an email tonight with the link to the blog; subject line: COM300 blog link.
    • Please do NOT send me an email telling you that you’ve made a blog post. No need — I read them with Bloglines (more details Wed in lab). Note: I have not read any of these that came in today. If your blog is not on this list, then you will need to send an email tonight with a link to the blog post; subject line: COM300 reading assignment


Lecture (PPT, Slideshare)

Reading Discussion

  • Break into discussion groups
  • There are four questions (seven groups)
  • Discussion – reach as much consensus as possible (there are no “right” answers)
  • “Report out” and group discussion


  1. How important is the borrowing and adapting of different mediums in the development of new medias? Give examples.
  2. To what extent would we, as a nation, have specific technologies, such as computers and the Internet, if the government hadn’t made the first effort to create such technologies for national defense and the like?
  3. As consumers opt for mp3 players and Tivo-like products that allow users to avoid commercials, how will advertisers reach and impact consumers as they did from the 1920’s-2000? How might consumerism be affected?
  4. If you wanted to change something about the internet right now, what would it be?

Wednesday Lab (tentative)

  • Net Technologies (alphabet soup)
  • RSS
  • Slideshare
  • PPT
  • Review the 1st essay assignment


  • Re-think your daily use of digital media, given the examples discussed in class. Make a new blog post with this reflection. Post by 4.30 Wednesday. Categorize it “assignment.”
  • The Victorian Internet: this should be a fun, easy read!
    • By Monday 28 January (week 4), you should have finished the Preface and Chapters 1-3.
    • By Monday 11 February (week 6), you should have finished Chapters 4-7
    • By Monday 25 February (week 8), you should have finished Chapters 8-10
    • By Monday 10 March (week 9), you should have finished Chapters 11-12.

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