Week 4 – Monday


  • Set up recorder!
  • Lecture
  • In-class discussion

Lecture (ppt) streamed at uStream.TV

Assignment for those not-in-class: Pick one of these questions and respond in a blog post before class on Wednesday. In your response, integrate ideas from the readings we have done in class and incorporate ideas from your life (work, family, etc).

  1. How does the internet play a vital role in how man and machine interact?
  2. How much must we understand computers in order to function in our society? In the future, will we be more or less dependent on computers and is this good?
  3. The machine-centered view is precise, orderly and logical, while people are distractible, creative and illogical. The public education system seems to be modeled more on the machine-centered view. How might this model affect students’ view of themselves?
  4. Where were you in 1983 and how were you interfacing with computers?
  5. How will people adapt in the new economy when technology is replacing their jobs?
  6. In what ways do computers detract from human interaction?

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