Week 4 – Lab

Lab Agenda:

  • Prep for Friday’s essay: citations – why, what, how
  • Prep for next week’s discussion leaders: Slideshare (& WP backup)
  • One-on-one help with Friday’s essay
  • How To: PPT, Impress or Keynote

Citations – we’re using APA

Discussion Leaders: How to make your presentation available to other students!

  • Create an account at Slideshare.net
  • Upload your PPT to Slideshare at least 30 minutes before you need to post the link on your blog! It’s a free service, sometimes it takes a while.
  • For failsafe, I’d also upload the PPT to WordPress (see the “upload” feature below a blog post edit window) and then link the PPT to the same post.
  • Remember – this is part of our contribution to the topic of the week!

Creating & Delivering a PPT (or similar type) Presentation:

Software required:

  • Powerpoint (“PPT”) is part of Microsoft Office
  • Apple folks might have Keynote, which is part of iWork
  • If you have neither, then consider using Impress, which is part of OpenOffice (download)
  • For geeks, create an XML file — see Slidy and S5 — and upload to a webserver (not WordPress)

Tutorials, Tips and Best Practices:


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