Week 5 – Wednesday


  • Discussion Leaders – Round 1! (Reminder: remaining DLs lead on Mondays).
  • Housekeeping
  • Lab

Networks – Social and Technological

Discussion leaders: remember to post a reflection to your blog before end of day Friday, thinking about what you learned/experienced in this role. This second post is also part of the DL responsibilities (10% of your final points).


  • Second half of the quarter (readings for week 6 – 10) — one reading can be missed with no penalty. If you complete all readings, the “extra” post will be extra-credit
  • Second half of the quarter (readings for week 6 – 10) — closed-ended discussion questions will receive fewer points (1) than open-ended discussion questions (3), per the syllabus
  • Second half of the quarter (week 8 and 9) – we will meet in class only on Monday or Wednesday, not both days. The other day is your time to work on essays, reading or the group project (details next week).
  • Details on all essays are now available.
  • Grades (points) are posted.


  • If you made your essay a “page” instead of a blog post — I’ll help you convert to a blog post or put the page “under” the COM300 page in the site hierarchy. (Three folks)
  • See me if you don’t know why there is an (*) next to your name on the essays page!
  • Any other blogging, PPT, slideshare questions.

Post-Class reflection (feel free to use lab time for this) — pick one of these questions; post to blog & label as assignment

  • How might tearing down corporate firewalls that have kept employees in and smart markets out affect the economy?
  • How might the Internet and the world economy change if we never had to pay for software?
  • How do we account for bloggers that are paid by major corporations to post positive recommendations about a certain product?
  • How do you feel this new-age market could expand on from music and movies to other goods? Goods produced from companies like Nike or Pepsi for example.
  • How could the “Long Tail” lead to information overload?
  • How could Long Tails change the odds of new products breaking through and penetrating the market?

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