Week 6 – Monday


  • Recap Last Week
  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Discussion Leaders


Linkage between weeks 5 & 6:

  • Ashley: Berners-Lee never put a patent on his invention that has essentially led us to “write onto this web, not just read from it.” How would the Internet be different if he had obtained a patent?
  • Carla: One of the most significant implications of blogging on established media is the reallocation of power among the creators and consumers of media content.

Linkage between this week’s readings and prior readings:

  • Matt: How does blogging fit into the Long Tail theory?
  • Tyler: How could the decline of traditional established media possibly lead to a overloaded society with no common politcical direction?

Linkage between readings & The Victorian Internet:

  • Jonathan: It’s interesting to note, in conjunction with the readings from The Victorian Internet, just how interrelated technological developments have been with the massive increase in human communication in the past 150 years. Much as the telegraph relied on the nuts-and-bolts of cable construction, science, and code, so does the internet greatly rely on HTML and the ability to hyperlink. The mainstream adoption of these revolutionary networks were only possible after specific technical innovations which took them from the realm of the few into that of the many. I liked the allusion of Joyce with hyperlinking—I actually remember thinking just that when I read the massively-notated Ulysses a few years ago.

More on the “cable cuts” from KathyJonathan Tarja

Lecture/discussion (PPT and Slideshare)

    Discussion Leaders:

    and two examples of post-discussion reflection: Jonathan and Steph

    The article about Starbucks & AT&T


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