Week 6 – Questions

  Here are the questions for the week — be sure to check to see if I found or missed your questions! Also, check the linked posts for this week’s highlighted posts:

  1. Amy – no post
  2. Anna
    1. How influential are blogs to our society?
    2. Why have online blogs gained so much popularity?
    3. How can blogs change the politics?
  3. Arielle
    1. If you were a big business CEO, how would you deal with the problem of commercial breaks during broadcast? (Keep in mind you need the money from the sponsors, but you don’t want to lose listeners)
    2. How would you solve the challenge of the metric issue?
    3. If you planned on making a living off of your podcast how would you pitch/sale it to sponsors?
  4. Ashley
    1. How would these new advancements (like blogs and podcasts) be like, if we did not have the first amendment rights?
    2. How are blogs and podcasts “a diaster waiting to happen?”
    3. Berners-Lee never put a patent on his invention that has essentially led us to “write onto this web, not just read from it.” How would the Internet be different if he had obtained a patent?
  5. Carla
    1. What are the most significant differences between blogging and traditional media?
    2. In what ways will established media impose profit-making changes on blogging?
    3. How do you foresee blogs evolving? In what ways will they change how we get our information?
  6. Catherine
    1. So after reading these articles if you were an employment counselor how might you counsel someone for possible future employment opportunities?
    2. Did anyone else feel that after September 11, his or her personal blogging increased for any kind of news? Did anyone turn to blogging because of September 11th to get their information?
    3. I had no idea iTunes offered these types of downloads. I never look past the music. Is there anyone who has downloaded from iTunes anything other than music and would you be willing to share what it was and was it worth it and why did you feel it was?
  7. Christine – no post
  8. Christopher
    1. Can you give a good example of your idea of a modern journalist that has made an impact on society and why?
    2. How have online sources changed your ideas of journalism?
    3. What are thoughts on the validity of blogs as information sources? How do you feel about blogs such as the one I described in my post? Are they important?
  9. Courtney – no post
  10. Dan
    1. In what ways will advertisers need to change to succeed within the world of the podcast?
    2. What do you look for in a news broadcast? Have you yet to find this in a podcast? If yes, which one(s)?
  11. Eugene (only questions, no reflection)
    1. According to the Gillmore article, he said that 9/11 was a catalyst in showing how far we’ve come in journalism. What other ways could have helped if 9/11 never happened?
    2. How would one compare talk radio to blogs?
    3. How can podcasting change the traditional business model? How would it affect radio?
  12. Gene – no post
  13. Heather
    1. How often do you check the validity of a news story you’re reading against other news sources to see if it is accurate? In other words, how often do you take what you’re reading and hearing as truth and how often to you cross reference?
    2. To what extent did call-in talk radio shows open the door for the opinionated blogging we see today?
    3. What are some of your motivations, or others’ motivations if you don’t blog other than in class, for blogging? In what ways does blogging serve as both an individual outlet and a source of information for others?
  14. Jay – no questions
  15. Jenn
    1. Due to growing technology, what sort of new jobs will be available for college graduates?
    2. What are the benefits of people being able to listen to portable media sources?
    3. What are the costs involved for the public in order to upgrade established media to support podcasts?
  16. Jess (closed-ended questions)
    1. Is Pod Casting the same as Blog TV? How are they the same or different?
    2. If Pod Cast is used for the Apple IPOD, is there another similar feature that works for MP3 players or black berry phones, etc.?
    3. Do you think in the future of our ever so growing technological society, all small hand held devices will eventually have the option of pod casting or TV blogging?
  17. John
    1. Do you think that some people blog because they can’t get attention anywhere else but on the internet? Do some bloggers need to get out of their houses and talk to some real people? (closed)
    2. What is the most interesting blog you have ever seen? Why do you find it interesting?
    3. Is it not possible that what people blog will later come back and bite them in the rear for whatever reason? Is it better to just not blog at all to avoid future misunderstandings and conflicts?
  18. Jonathan
    1. How did the rapid expansion of talk radio forecast the eventual rise in individual online participation in news? What characteristics do the two share?
    2. How does the rise of open-source newsmedia coincide with the rise of open-source software? How different would the internet be today if Tim Berners-Lee had patented HTML?
    3. What technological and social tools make podcasting an ideal method for reaching a large yet targeted audience?
  19. Josh
    1. How would it be useful if a social networking program like Skype was combined with live blogging technology?
    2. How are NPR Podcasts preferable to live radio?
    3. Social networking sites such as MySpace offer blog features to their users. How does this enhance the social networking platform?
  20. Kendahl – no post
  21. Lee Ann
    1. How could public radio increase the demand for podcasts?
    2. What are the three most important events explained to us by Gillmor?
    3. If listeners are “compelled by … unique independent niche programming” why don’t media companies adopt the philosophy Glaser suggests?
  22. Lisa – no post
  23. Liz – no post
  24. Maggie
    1. Before blogs, we got the majority of our information from newspapers. Do you think the blogging trend will continue to shift the balance so readers get the majority of information from blogs? (closed)
    2. What are the drawbacks of receiving personalized NPR stories versus listening to a full show on NPR?
    3. In what ways do podcasts contribute to information overload? Or help control information overload?
  25. Marianic
    1. Since blogging [has] no garekeeper, how can we considered that certain blog is credible?
    2. Can blogging take [over] newspaper roles in providing news? Why and why not? (closed)
    3. If newspaper is to be free, will it affect blogging differently? (closed) If yes, in what way blogging affected?
  26. Marilyn – no post
  27. Matt
    1. What are the expectations of a worthwhile blog? What, if any, are the similarities to expectations of good journalism?
    2. What, if any, kinds of traditions and rules will blogging develop?
    3. How does blogging fit into the Long Tail theory?
  28. Nick
    1. As television becomes less popular in the future, what will be its counterpart?
    2. why is it that the public still remains to trust the news even though it is a for profit entity?
    3. How in ten years will blogging technologies produce the same effect as a news channel would on the television?
  29. Sheila
    1. How will blogging evolve in the future?
    2. This new type of media outlet is very important for a lot of people, how do you think blogs affect public opinion?
    3. Bloggers are influenced by numerous environmental factors – why is it that some people have a problem with the ethics of bloggers being paid to blog?
  30. Shelly
    1. In what ways has America suffered from the simplistic ways in which the news is reported?
    2. In what way could people, via blogging, influence mainstream news content?

    In what ways has the mainstream media influenced this presidential election by not asking substantive questions of the candidate’s and continually reporting on insignificant factors?

  31. Steph
    1. What would the many Americas have done, after September 11th, had there not been ‘blogging’ as a media outlet?
    2. What is the next step of evolution in blogging?
    3. “As the pace of life has quickened, our collective attention span has shortened,” what should the media do to cater to this fact? if anything at all.
  32. Sung – no questions
  33. Tarja – no post
  34. Tyler
    1. Does the for profit nature of traditional established media sources such as Newspaper, Magazine, Television create a more or less credible information medium? and Why?
    2. As mobile technology devices continue to advance, do you feel there will always be a place for print news or will it become non-existant/ completley obsolete? why?
    3. How could the decline of traditional established media possibly lead to a overloaded society with no common politcical direction?
  35. Yvonne
    1. How could blogging negatively impact the media?
    2. In what ways does blogging change the relationship between the government and the people?
    3. How does blogging fit affect each of the sides of the triangular relationship between government, the media, and the public?

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