Week 7 – Questions

Here are the questions for the week — be sure to check to see if I found or missed your questions! Also, check the linked posts for this week’s highlighted posts:

  1. Amy – No Post
  2. Anna – No Questions
  3. Arielle
    1. How do you think the Internet will affect future elections?
    2. Do you feel that with the integration of technology in politics citizen are experiencing a bit of information overload?
    3. List both positive and negative effects of the Internet on politics.
  4. Ashley
    1. How would presidential campaigns change if you were not allowed to donate online?
    2. How affective would this idea of online politics be, if it were not interactive concept and rather an informative one (no blogs or comments)?
    3. Why (and how), in the future, will web design evolve to play a crucial part in online politics?
  5. Carla
    1. What do you find most irritating on the top 3 presidential candidate’s websites?
    2. What are your favorite features on the top 3 presidential candidate’s websites?
    3. In what ways might Trippi’s tactics be considered bad for the democratic process?
  6. Catherine
    1. How might the lemonade stand idea worked elsewhere? Did the fact that it was Dallas and a southern state have an impact on its success? What might Trippi have considered as a substitute for the tactic had he been in Maine? Or Minnesota?
    2. If the Internet has provided the means for a fourteen year old to impact a campaign for good how might a fourteen-year-old impact a campaign for ill? Or is that even possible and why?
    3. In 2004 Kathy Gill compares the two top candidates official websites. Take a look at the two top runners in either party and compare how those are organized to her advice in 2004. Does either show any of the pitfalls she describes? Name at least two which could be improved and describe your suggestions to correct those?
  7. Christine
    1. Which method of Internet campaigning do you believe is the most useful?
    2. Does having access to candidate’s websites make you feel more connected to their campaign? (closed)
    3. Do you actively engage yourself in watching candidates YouTube videos, Facebook groups/apps, reading campaign blogs, etc.? Why or why not? If not, what is your preferred method of staying informed/involved?
  8. Christopher
    1. Where do you go for information about politicians?
    2. How has the internet influenced you in this year’s election?
    3. Can you explain why you believe a certain candidate has effectively harnessed the internet?
  9. Courtney
    1. On the topic of politics, when the time comes for picking our future president how will you vote? Online, absentee ballet or in person?
    2. Within the upcoming presidential election how have you chosen to be informed? Do you prefer traditional means such as the newspaper, the convince of television or on the internet through your favorite news source.
  10. Dan – no post
  11. Eugene
    1. What are some features that you would like to see on a candidate’s website?
    2. How would an interactive site compare to a site that only puts out information?
    3. If a candidate chose not to have a website, how could they compete with the ones that do? Is it even possible?
  12. Gene – no post
  13. Heather
    1. How does the design and structure of a political candidate’s website impact your feelings toward that particular candidate? Are there specific design elements that “turn you off” to candidates or political parties?
    2. In your opinion, where do design elements of political websites rank as compared to issue stances by parties and candidates?
    3. In what ways can the use of Internet technologies both help and hurt political campaigns?
  14. Jay – no post
  15. Jenn – no post
  16. Jess – no questions
  17. John
    1. How do you feel about online voting? How do we account for security intrusions if it’s standardized?
    2. What is your favorite political website? Why?
    3. What are some other ways can we use technology to increase participation and voter turn-out in the upcoming election?
  18. Jonathan
    1. How does online campaigning help to redistribute political power? In what ways do candidates with large amounts of small donors resemble populist movements?
    2. Between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain, whose campaign website is most appealing? Why? What do you dislike about them?
  19. Josh – no post
  20. Kendahl
    1. Why do you feel the Internet has impacted politics and what about the Internet makes that possible?
    2. As college students, how do you feel the Internet has impacted your view on this election, and in what way do you if at all interact with politics on the Internet?
    3. In this election who do you feel has had the most successful or appealing Internet campaign? How have they acquired that success?
  21. Lee Ann
    1. How does internet technology change the way we think about voting?
    2. In what ways can technology improve the political process?
    3. What are the consequences of internet technology to the lower income voters in the future?
  22. Lisa
    1. How can candidates gain an edge over others when all their campaigns are now using the internet?
    2. Will people start tuning out the internet like they have to telemarketing type phone calls? And why?
  23. Liz – No Questions
  24. Maggie
    1. What features do you want to see on a candidate’s website?
    2. Gill’s article mentioned Bush’s anonymous blogs versus Kerry’s blogs with authors. How important is it for your preferred candidate to feature a blog with an author?
    3. Campaign sites had organized supporters like never before. Where will they go from here?

  25. Marianic – no post
  26. Marilyn
    1. What could be the negative aspects of using the Internet to rally supporters?And what of the people who do not have regular access to the Internet?
    2. How far will the use of the Internet go in future elections?Will all future elections be on the Internet, including polls instead of actually appearing in person to the polls?
    3. Could there be a bigger chance for miscounts and voters fraud?
  27. Matt
    1. How have you integrated political web sites into your voting regiment?
    2. Once the election is over, in what ways would you like to see candidate web sites continue to resonate with readers. (Put another way: in what ways are the web sites useful once the election is over?)
    3. Which party uses the internet more effectively? Why?
  28. Nick – no post
  29. Sheila
    1. How does a site’s visual appeal affect how you think of a political site’s content credibility?
    2. Why do candidates spend so much money on commercial television advertising and why do you think this is such an effective media strategy?
    3. When looking at a candidate’s site, what do you feel are the most important and effective attributes of the site?
  30. Shelly
    1. In what ways is “targeting” limiting to our democracy?
    2. What are some of the reasons that people come to a candidate via the Internet?
    3. In what ways do organizations such as meetup.com or moveon.org actually influence and election?
  31. Steph
    1. What should candidates do to attract more visitors?
    2. How could candidates make their site more interactive?
  32. Sung – no questions
  33. Tarja
    1. How would the elections of 2004 changed had the “Dean-Scream” not become a media event? Would Howard Dean have had a chance to win the democratic nomination given his strong grass-roots support, and how would that have affected the general election?
    2. At what point will internet technology become more important for US presidential elections than traditional media and how will that affect campaign finance?
  34. Tyler
    1. If you were using the Internet to find out important information about candidates in an election, where would you go first and why?
    2. What aspect of Internet technology has had the greatest impact on politics and why?
    3. What political website design features do you feel are the most important and why?
  35. Yvonne
    1. What are some of the negative aspects of using internet technologies in politics?
    2. How could internet technologies negatively impact minorities and their constitutional rights?
    3. When do you think politicians will use internet technologies as their primary means of communication?

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