Week 7 – Class Notes


  • Online Politics Lecture/Discussion (ppt)
  • Review Group Project
  • Discussion Leaders
  • Housekeeping

Note: class is being recorded (audio) and I will try to stream it as well.

Lecture/Discussion: Online Politics (ppt)

uStream.tv archive and WMA sound file.

Review Group Project
(two handouts)

Discussion Leaders


  • No class on Monday 25 Feb! Group project work. Reading assignments still due on Monday!
  • Guest lecture on Wednesday 27 Feb — there will be a sign-in sheet. Discussion leaders present.
  • Third essay due Friday 29 Feb. Remember to link to your COM300 page.
  • Guest lecture on Monday 3 March — there will be a sign-in sheet. Discussion leaders present.
  • No class on Wednesday 5 March — group project.
  • I have not converted the “check marks” on discussion leaders to points: if you completed the two posts, then you received all 100 points!

After class reflection (answer one of these questions with a blog post – due 24 hours after class (6.30 on Thursday).

  • Digital Divide: How will those who do not have a computer access political information? Who should be responsible?
  • Ethics: What do you think about Joe Trippi putting Cranston paraphernalia on Mondale buses in order to get Cranston tickets for Mondale supporters? Was the plan ethical? What might be an internet corollary?
  • Ethics: What are the real and potential negatives of internet technology in political campaigns?
  • Empowerment: In what ways does the internet contribute to your knowledge and understanding of political issues, and how could it serve you better?

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