Week 10 – Questions

Here are the questions for the week — be sure to check to see if I found or missed your questions! Also, check the linked posts for this week’s highlighted posts:

  1. Amy – no post
  2. Anna
    1. How do you see yourself without having to use the telephone line and instead using the internet to make phone calls?
    2. How are the telephone companies dealing with the emergence of VoIP?
    3. How is VoIP going to be like in the future cost-wise?
  3. Arielle – short
    1. How do invision VoIP improving the way we communicate?
    2. What are the ways in which you VoIP will improve our economy?
    3. What negative effects do you forsee VoIP having on society?
  4. Ashley
    1. How would e-commerce and the Internet, in general, change if it was created using circuit switching?
    2. How will VoIP cell phones change the telecommunication market?
    3. How does this technology of VoIP change the way we make and receive international phone calls?
  5. Carla
    1. What are the advantages / disadvantages of VoIP regulation?
    2. How will traditional service providers stay viable / competitive?
    3. How significant are issues of VoIP reliability and quality, in regard to the elimination of POTS?
  6. Catherine
    1. Tmobil has just offered a landline option in their cell phone packages. Why?
    2. What are the VoIP providers doing to address the 911 locations issue? The article offers a potential solution but it doesn’t answer the question.
    3. Why are state regulators not allowing local phone companies to offer television to compete with cable?
  7. Christine
    1. If you were a CEO of a major telephone/cable company, what would you do to lessen the impact that VoIP will likely have on you?
    2. Have you ever used VoIP? If so, what programs have you used? Skype, iChat? If not, do you plan on using VoIP in the near future? Why or why not?
  8. Christopher – no post
  9. Courtney – no questions
  10. Dan
    1. What would be your biggest concerns in using a VoIP system?
    2. In an era that is already filled with gadgets such as instant messaging, video chats, free intercontinental long distance via cell phone providers and low cost international calling cards, what do you see as benefits that would be provided by VoIP providers that are not being met by other mediums?
  11. Eugene
    1. Why do big telecom companies continue to resist emerging technologies instead of embracing them?
    2. How can VoIP be made more reliable?
    3. What other technologies do you see replacing the regular telephone or VoIP?
  12. Gene – no questions
  13. Heather
    1. In your opinion, how could “VoIP” technology, and the possibility of taking your normal house phone anywhere you have broadband connection, affect the amount of cell phones purchased and used?
    2. What are some of the pros and cons of this “VoIP” technology for consumers?
    3. In what ways could this technology help both businesses that have many far reaching office locations and families/friends that are far apart, geographically speaking, communicate more and for less of a cost?
  14. Jay – no post
  15. Jenn
    1. How is the actual structure of telephone wires going to change based on VoIP becoming more mainstream?
    2. How will professionals that maintain telephone networks be impacted by the change in technology?
    3. How will the level of customer service be affected by the new change in technology?
  16. Jess- no post
  17. John – no post
  18. Jonathan
    1. What are some of the reasons VoIP hasn’t taken off yet, especially considering how “simple” it’s supposed to be?
    2. How will phone companies see both benefits and negatives in a VoIP business model?
    3. How does the construction of the VoIP standards and codecs resemble some of the early efforts to standardize and simplify the telegraph?
  19. Josh
    1. In what ways is VoIP technology similar to that of the electric car? Remember Who Killed the Electric Car.
    2. How could VoIP break the pre-existing barriers of international calling?
    3. How can VoIP technology aid businesses and schools? What are some other industries it could support?
  20. Kendahl – no post
  21. Lee Ann
    1. How might VIOP technology affect the use facsimile?
    2. What type of technology could reduce the need for VIOP services when there was a power outage?
    3. What types of businesses are most likely to develop emergency VIOP backup systems?
  22. Lisa – no post
  23. Liz
    1. Why would you use or not use VoIP?
    2. What other markets could you see the internet revolutionizing?
  24. Maggie – no post
  25. Marianic
    1. How VoIP can be used by majority of people?
    2. If digital divide still exist, how to make VoIP be accepted by majority people?
    3. Is there any way to make VoIP portable? How?
  26. Marilyn
    1. If VoIP is so easy and free, why don’t more people use it?
    2. What could the negatives be for the phone and cable companies who do not adopt this technology?
    3. What could the companies do to encourage more people to sign up for their services? Perhaps bundling with their current phone or cable contract? Or providing equipment?
  27. Matt
    1. How will carriers survive if they cannot charge for use of the phone lines for VoIP?
    2. Why is it fair for users to expect services like the internet and VoIP to continue to remain free?
    3. How long will it be before the majority of people are using VoIP?
  28. Nick
    1. What are some major issues affecting VoIP technologies?
    2. What are some reason VoIP may not be the dominant way to make phone calls in the future?
    3. In what ways with the explosion of VoIP technologies be an disadvantage to some distant cultures who have limited Internet access?
  29. Sheila
    1. How can companies such as Vonage market themselves in a more effective way to convert more consumers into being VOIP consumers?
    2. How can VOIP lure major analog data and phone companies to convert into using this digital service?
    3. How will the electrical companies and electrical grids handle a complete change over to VOIP?
  30. Shelly
    1. In what ways would converting to phone via the computer effect you?
    2. In what ways is this new VoIP technology limiting to some people?
    3. In what ways might reliability issues prevent the use of mainstream use of VoIP?
  31. Steph
    1. When you anticipate internet service to become as reliable as traditional telephone service, if ever?
    2. What has your experience been with VoIP?
  32. Sung – no post
  33. Tarja
    1. What will happen to the traditional phone companies when there are no more land lines and analog phones? How will they re-create themselves?
    2. How vulnerable will we be as a society when we all depend on digitized means of communication at every level? (Energy, security, transportation, communications, etc.) How can we better protect ourselves from sabotage?
    3. When will those who have resisted getting a cell phone give in and get one, or will they skip that phase altogether and just get a Skype phone? Or if they don’t want mobility how will they make phone calls when there will no more be public phone booths?
  34. Tyler
    1. Are you willing to utilize current VoIP technology for your phone usage? why or why not?
    2. What do you consider to be the major pros and cons to VoIP enabled devices at this time?
    3. What improvements would you want to see made or questioned answered before adopting VoIP in your home or on your cellphone?
  35. Yvonne
    1. How long will it take for VoIP to completely take over regular phone systems?
    2. According to Howstuffworks, geographic location is not determined by using VoIP, perhaps endangering citizens when making 911 calls. What are some other dangers to society with this new technology?
    3. What groups of people will be most negatively impacted by a full implementation of VoIP?

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