Use of MultiMedia – Tarja

This is part II of my analysis of various news websites. I completed the final three today just to get them out of the way and to get a better idea of all of them together. All the websites use at least some multimedia: video, podcasts, photos etc. Some did not offer podcasts but all had video and photos. The video usage adds to newsworthiness, although sometimes serves only the curiosity-side of the mind (just like TV news/infotainment).

I liked the Seattle PI website the best of the six I researched (perhaps my local bias, although I mostly read the Seattle Times website for local news). The PI offered most news, RSS feed, interactivity, reader blogs etc. The Atlanta Journal Constitution, St. Petersburg Times and LA Opinion seemed less dynamic, and more narrowly focused on their news. AJC (Atlanta) was the most entertainment-oriented and “fluffy”. All the “southern” (AJC, Houston Chronicle and St. Petersburg Times) papers were very sports-focused.

CBS News website was different because it’s not based on a newspaper but TV news. So one expects much more multimedia use. The website offered lots of video and podcasts, but it was not well-organized for feedback or editorials and opinion.

Some websites offered a huge number of RSS feeds (Seattle PI and AJC) and others hardly any or they were difficult to find.

Tarja – 2 March 2008


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