Heather: First Post for Group Project

I actually found the two websites I looked at to be completely different in terms of ease of finding information and quality of page layout, etc. The first paper I had, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, was much harder to navigate through and seemed to be run by another site entirely (Cleveland.com). Honestly, I did not really like the website. I feel like the information on the page was contained in too small of an area. The site was not using the whole top and right side of the webpage for news stories or information. Overall, it was hard to navigate through and I ranked it as a 5 out of 10 (10= best, 1=worst).

The second site I looked at, the Denver Post, was much easier to navigate through. I found this website to be pretty user friendly. I feel like the space was used appropriately. There was a lot of information available about a plethora of different topics. I had a much easier time finding the information needed to fill out the spreadsheet. Overall, I ranked it as an 8 out of 10 (10= best, 1=worst).

I didn’t really learn anything about how news organizations share information from these two sites, but they did seem to have articles about similar topics (i.e. politics) and articles about completely different topics (i.e. local news). I would much rather read from the Denver Post online than the Cleveland Plain Dealer due to the better design layout and ease of finding information.

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