Heather: Second Post for Group Project

The four sites that that I’ve looked at so far, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Denver Post, the Omaha World Herald and the Providence Journal, have been similar and different in many ways. As far as multimedia is concerned, the Denver Post made the best use of it, while the other three sites could use more multimedia overall.

In the same way, I enjoyed being on the Denver Post website more than I enjoyed any of the other sites. Both the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Omaha World Herald were run by other sites so they came off much less professional or inclusive to me. I felt like clicking off the sites the moment I clicked on them. The Providence Journal wasn’t so great either, in that it seemed very “local” or “amateur” in feel. It focused mainly on local news and sports. Maybe I would like it more if I was from there.

In regards to what they could all do differently, all but the Denver Post should increase their use and visibility of multimedia (but not go overboard with it!). The Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Omaha World Herald should run their own sites and make them more exciting. The Providence Journal should make their site more social by adding “Digg” and “share this story” links. Overall, for reasons I have mentioned, the Denver post is the “best” I’ve seen and the Omaha World Herald is the “worst” I’ve seen.

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