Jonathan – Discussion Leader Abstract

Networking for Knowledge

  • One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Foundation
  • Founded in 2005 by Nicholas Negroponte
  • Initial goal: To provide 150 million laptops to kids in developing countries by 2008
  • Laptops would only cost $100; sold directly to governments

Problems with Development

  • Initially designed with hand crank to provide reliable power supply
  • Difficulty in meeting $100 pricepoint ($188)
  • Demand nowhere as high as expected
  • Resistance from educators and administrators


  • Intel Classmate PC, powered by Microsoft Windows
  • Huge untapped market for PC owners in undeveloped countries
  • Microsoft offering XP/Office package for $3 (OLPC=Linux)
  • Countries seeming to prefer big brands

Remember the Goal…

  • How does competition benefit the children?
  • Why should $188 be spent on a laptop instead of books?
  • How will computer training children to enter the global marketplace?
  • OLPC vs. Classmate PC?


Link to Slideshare: “Networking for Knowledge”

Butler, Declan. (2007). The Race to Wire Up the Poor. Nature, Vol. 447, iss. 7140; 6-7. Retrieved Jan. 30, 2008, from Proquest database/UW Holdings.

OLPC detailed photo:

With hand crank:

Intel Classmate PC:

Nigerian classroom with OLPC:×413.jpg


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