Jonathan – Group Project Part 3

Last week’s well-organized websites were a pleasant yet distant memory as I looked through this week’s news sites: the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and The State (South Carolina). Both of these sites suffer from some SERIOUS bouts of information overload. It seems like the web designers of each site made a conscious effort to just flat-out see how much stuff they could cram onto one page. With both sites, the only way I felt I could get what I needed would be with some serious practice. And in the digital world, with the competition only a click away, I don’t think I’d be willing to put in the effort.

Both sites did feature some good aspects, though. Both are frequently updated and include the timestamp next to the headline (a feature I didn’t realize I’d become accustomed to, since the Seattle Times and P-I both have been using them for so long). Now, I find that whenever I don’t see that timestamp I question just how relevant the news is. In today’s lightning-fast information age, even a gap of a couple hours means the story could be out of date.

Both sites also do a good job of appealing to their local communities, and if I lived in either state I would take the time to get used to the sites, as each seems to have an abundance of interesting and unique content in the form of local news and events. Each site places local headlines at the top of the page, which I think should become the standard for city newspaper websites if they want to scream out unique content. There is plenty of national news but each site places that near the bottom, probably guessing that you’ve already gone to (or another national site) to get that take.


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