Josh :: Group Project Pt. 1

I just completed my Google Docs forms for both the Daily Herald and Dallas News sites. The Daily Herald site, which caters to the suburbs of Chicago, was pretty straightforward and contained relevant community based information. They were lacking in the social networking area, but I would expect people in this region who want these features to read the Chicago Tribune.The Dallas News site was a very progressive. It contained over 209 RSS feeds, of which 65 were sports related.  There was even a high school sports feed. They also had 28 different blogs, including a Spanish language blog and even a blog dedicated to the state fair! Kidding aside, in each online article you could link to just about every external social media out there including MySpace, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Furl, StumbleUpon,, Newsvine and Google. They also maintain a pretty extensive social networking site called NeighborsGo, which allows readers to create profiles, blog posts, upload photos and videos, create events and even groups. Editors mine the user generated content from NeighborsGo site and create a print edition that is inserted in the Sunday paper. I was a bit overwhelmed at first with the amount of information on the Dallas News site (especially the homepage), but after acclimating to the site I was able to navigate rather easily. My biggest frustration was that they forced me to register with their site after clicking on about 15 different links. This was fine, but I’m not big on sharing my personal information.

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