Josh :: Group Project Pt. 2

So far I’ve reviewed the Daily Herald (IL), Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer. Three of the sites have a dedicated multimedia page, while Dallas Morning News has a photos/videos drop down menu in the main navigation. All four offer a combination of video, photo and audio with the exception of Dallas Morning News who is missing podcasts. I found this surprising as Dallas Morning News seemed light years ahead of its counterparts in their offerings of rss feeds, blogs and interactive media. The quality of their content is very good however. Browsing through the photography section I noticed striking black and white images of the poverty stricken people of Texas as part of a state wide awareness campaign. There was also a feature that allowed readers to upload their own photos to various categories. The Dallas Morning News video section was very well organized into various categories, making it easy for the end user to find what they’re looking for. Even though Dallas Morning News is missing podcasts, I have to rank them best in show out of the four sites I’ve reviewed thus far. This is mostly due to the quality of the content and the integration of user-generated content, which to me is more important than an audio clip.

When you click on The Daily Herald’s multimedia center it opens up in a separate screen with a black skin that resembles your own personal television media center. There are links at the top for videos, slideshows, photo galleries and audio. When you click on a category the right hand column is populated with a list of 15 or so of the most recent media postings. There is also a secondary menu of options in the left hand column that have more specific categories such as community, food weather, sports, etc. After clicking on community / in memorium I found a video from last August of Ted Nugent’s mother’s memorial at a rock venue. Who would’ve thunk? The one issue with The Daily Herald is that the media archival didn’t go very far back. Due to this I have to rank them lower than Dallas Morning News.

I was frustrated with the organization of the Philadelphia Daily News’ multimedia section. They feature the four most recent additions at the top of the section, and then all video, gallery (photos) and audio are all lumped into an “all media” category and it’s sorted by post date. There was no sub-categories or organization whatsoever. They definitely sat at the bottom of the list of the four sites I’ve reviewed thus far.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s “look and listen” multimedia section was simple and is organized into video, photo and audio. Each section shows the three most recent posts on the “look and listen” landing page, but when you click on “more” within one of the main categories you are taken to a sub-page with even further specialized categories such as politics, sports, restaurants and arts & entertainment. These sub-pages are well organized and include a long list of archival media. They are rather simple as far as layout and design, but out of the four they rank second behind Dallas Morning News.

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