Josh :: Group Project Pt. 3

Overall, I have to say that I was impressed with the use of new media in the six sites I reviewed (Daily Herald (IL), Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia Inquirer, The State (SC) and The Tennessean). One the lower end the Daily Herald had one RSS feed, while Dallas Morning News had 208.All of the sites had a way for readers to interact with the writers, ranging from reader comments, user generated content (blogs and photos), reader forums, social bookmarking, all the way to full-on social networking communities such as Dallas Morning News’ NeighborsGo. All of the sites also featured a multimedia section, which offered a combination of photo slideshows, videos and audio clips. A few also offered the ability for user generated content.

The two sites that ranked the poorest on my list for use of new media were the Daily Herald and Philadelphia Daily News.Neither site offered blogs. Daily Herald fell short in social bookmarking while Philadelphia Daily News lacked reader commentary. Philadelphia Daily News was having an identity crisis as well with its sharing the same site with the Philadelphia Inquirer under the umbrella lifestyle site

The State (SC), The Tennessean and Dallas Morning News all offered their fair share of new media features, but Dallas Morning News surpassed all of these sites with its sheer number of RSS Feeds, blogs, social bookmarking and social networking features. Their most intriguing feature was their NeighborsGo social networking site. This site enables users to share, blog, connect and upload user-generated content. Dallas Morning News takes this content and creates a print edition of NeighborsGo, which is featured in the Saturday paper. Local television affiliate WFAA-TV also features content from NeighborsGo in online newscasts. This cross-platform feature is a great way to enable users to feel like they’re contributing beyond the online sphere. Additionally, Dallas Morning News seemed more sophisticated overall with their integration of new media technologies throughout their site. Their design was also impressive, and even though they maintain a lot of information on their homepage, it is nicely organized and easy to find.

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