Week 1 – Monday

Details on our first night together!

Wednesday Lab (preliminary and high-level overview – not final!)

Lab attendance is required this week.

  • Create student blogs using Word Press ; please use your UWNetID as your login/account name if it is available. That will make your WordPress URL <uwnetid.wordpress.com>
  • Create an initial blog post, 200-300 words, on how you use digital media in your life everyday. Categorize the blog post “assignment”
  • Mail e-mail the blog URL (link) to me at kegill – at – uw (this is shorthand for the e-mail address!) before 6.20 pm.


Syllabus Exercise

Using the online syllabus, answer these questions individually. We will then answer them in small groups. [Print WordDoc]

1. Where do you find the readings for this class?
2. What are the responsibilities of small group discussion leaders?
3. How often (and when) do students “blog” their reading reflections?
4. What are the parts of a reading assignment blog post?
5. How important is class participation to the final grade?
6. When is the first writing assignment due in the class? What is it about?
7. What are the responsibilities of peer group members?
8. What are the individual projects in the class?


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