Week 3 – Info Overload!



Discussion (your questions)

  1. What might you add to a search engine or web pages to measure content reliability or your tolerance for unreliability?
  2. Mark Nelson identifies two “major factors affecting the ability of people to access information effectively: information literacy and application usability.” In 2009, do these problems remain the two “major factors” or have the obstacles changed? And how can “information illiteracy” impact a person’s life?
  3. What would be the main source of getting information if all search engines crashed tomorrow?
  4. What do you think is the best way to determine if one source is more credible than another?
  5. Thinking about my parents on this question and knowing that they know little to nothing about computers, how would you explain to a person how searching for information is easier for their lives?
  6. How can we know if anything is truthful on the web? If traditional media has safeguards and professional ethics to help keep them truthful and honest (in most cases), what safeguards do we have that mass disinformation won’t take place via a viral marketing campaign or just through natural meme outcroppings?

Next Week’s Assignment (due Fri 30 Jan)


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  1. (1) “good housekeeping seal of approval” — viewer beware — google scholar is good source

    (3) libraries + newspapers
    danger of technological dependency

    (4) credibility – “peer reviewing” — do credentials really translate to knowledge/credibility – some is about organization, aesthetic – similar to the Martin Luther King example

    (5) – group 2 hands-on tutorial – pull google up for them — show them how easy it is. we think that once they see that happen, they’ll adopt. technology optimists!

    (5) question assumes that info matters and sometimes the web doesn’t make info easier to access

    (6) “truthful” – define the nature of truth. it’s perspective, it’s opinion. invasion of gaza by israel – article on digg with palestinian school being bombed — presented as truth — another site presented it as false

  2. I read a fictional book on the subject of information overload for an English class at UW that was very enjoyable: White Noise by Don DeLillo. Briefly, it’s about a family that is living in a world of information overload.

    If you like to read fiction and are interested by the general idea of information overload and its effects on a typical suburban family, you might enjoy it!

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