Week 4 – Monday

Human-Computer Interaction

  • Housekeeping
  • Multi-Media
  • Lecture/Discussion
  • This Week’s Assignment
  • Slideshare demo & Comment Practice
  • One-on-one with Discussion Group 1





Discussion Questions

  1. How has the creation of email and instant messaging affected the way that you talk to your friends and family?
  2. With almost everything digital or electrical and computer-assisted, what is something in in your life that you use on a daily basis that is not?
  3. In what ways are you frustrated by technology? In those instances is there an “analog” process that you turn to instead?
  4. Suppose a time machine were built. Would it be harder for a person from 1709 to adapt to 2009, or a person from 2009 to adapt to 1709? Why?
  5. How have you noticed the way you interact with technology change over the last 5, 10, or 20 years?

Wednesday preview


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