Week 6 – Class Notes (Mon)

Online News

  • Framing (mini-lecture)
  • Discussion Leaders
  • Wikipedia Assignment (due Fri)


Discussion Leaders

Wikipedia Assignment
Assignment goal:
To demonstrate digital media literacy (critical judgment); to become familiar with forms of social production (knowledge); and to develop your writing style and voice (practice).

  • Essay details (due Fri)
  • Kathy -> demo Wikipedia components
    :: History
    :: Discussion
    :: External Sources
  • See example: Amanda (Mandy)
  • See outstanding examples from Essay 1:
    Bilkay, Chad, Corey, Jamie, Katarina, Madeline, Michael, Mike, Rob, Robert, Shane, Stephen, Ted, Tressa,
    What do they have in common? Precise language; not too anecdotal in tone but conversational (essay flows); author has a point of view; spell- and grammar-checked (!); followed directions (highlighted thesis statement).
  • Some notes about themes and navigation:
    :: “Justified text” is bad (why)
    :: Light-on-dark is hard to read (why)
    :: Put important navigation items “at the top” (what is convention)

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