Week 6 – Questions

Here are your questions:

  1. Amanda (Mandy)
    1. In what ways have blogging technologies affected your life?

    2. What is the fate of regular radio broadcasting, a one-to-many medium, when people can download podcasts on topics and music that they choose? If you can hook up your iPod in your car and listen to your chosen podcasts there, why bother tuning in to a station that may or may not be broadcasting something that interests you?

    3. How will established media balance out with new media technologies? We know that new communcation technologies are contantly developing and becoming ever-so-popular, so will the see-saw be equally balanced, or will the established communication technologies be less influential in the future?

  2. Ashika – no post
  3. Bilkay

    1. How can news papers like the New York Times, adapt to the new digital media platform?

    2. Why cant big media companies like the Washington Post compete with bloggers?

    3. How do you get your news today? and how has that changed in recent years?

  4. Candice
    1. What about media captures your imagination and how could the established media capitalize on it?

    2. How has your understanding of and attitude towards blogs evolved with all the blogging you’ve done in this class?

    3. If you consume traditional media, what would a blog have to provide to replace it? If you don’t consume traditional media, do you get information from blogs?

  5. Chad

    1.  Why has talk radio flourished even as new media have emerged?

    2.  How can open source journalism outperform Big Media in the category of  investigative journalism?

    3.  If you were allowed to visit only one website daily, which would it be and why?

  6. Chadrose (DL)
  7. Cindy
    Why did Berners-Lee not patent his idea of the World Wide Web?  Describe how this changed the internet.

    “The goal of Stallman’s work, then and now, was to ensure that users of computers always had free software programs for the most basic and important tasks.  Free, in this case, was more about freedom than about cost.”  What do you think people value more, the freedom or the cost?

    Do you think that the events of September 11th were the turning point in this debate?  Why or Why not?

  8. Corey (DL)
  9. Glenn C

    1) What role will blogs play as a source of popular news retrieval in the next 10 years?

    2) How can companies like NBC, Time Warner, Viacom, and News Corp. incorporate blogs as serious, and legitimate news mediums equivalent to or in place of broadcast and print?

    3) What examples exist today of blogs that meet this same distinguished and rigorous standard for news reporting as broadcast and print?

  10. Gulshan

    1. What resources do you use in order to get your news?
    2. In your opinion why some radio stations able adapt to the new media and market demands while others cannot?
    3. What are the future implications of podcasting?

  11. JR

    • Isn’t one of the allure of podcasts having the luxury of not listening to ads and commercials, with that, how will ads change to keep podcasting feasible?
    • How will the role of large media change in the future?
    • What will be the role of blogging in our economy in the future?

  12. Jamie C (DL)
  13. John H

    Q1 – What will the future face of corporate America look like as those unethically protecting their interests, are exposed by an open-source society?

    Q2 – How will corporate and political influence evolve its strategy to squelch the freedom of the on-line press?

    Q3 – What possible organization and governorship will transpire out of the infinite web of on-line blogs?

  14. Katarina
    (1) In the history of journalism, there have been pampheteers, muckrackers, and now bloggers; what do these have in common?(2) An alternate version of “where were you when the attacks happened?”: How did you communicate to others on (or about) September, 11th?

    (3)What ways can internet sites, such as npr online, learn about their users’ demographics without some level of privacy invasion?

  15. Madeline (DL)
  16. Mark – no post
  17. Megan K
    – How could newspapers and news programs incorporate blogging or podcasting into their format to further include the general public?

    – How does podcast advertisement open up a new door for marketing to an audience that may have been inaccessible before?

    – What would traditional/established media need to change to be more readily accepted by those who are turning to podcasting and blogging?

  18. Michael Le
    1) Comparing to big news media sites, in what ways do open source media have advantages or disadvantages to big media?

    2) What can big media sites do to compete against open source media journalism when it comes to theories or ideas that big media sites are not interested with reporting?

    3) How does podcasting affect the news site in ways of live coverage?

  19. Mike C – no questions
  20. Quoc
    1. In which ways do you think main stream journalism should change their styles in news?

    2. With the rise of bloggers, do you think mainstream media will ever closed down?

    3. If bloggers and podcast are the trend now, who or what do you think will be the new wave of trends down the road?

  21. Rob L

    • How do you think blogging enhances mainstream, traditional media sources?
    • What do you think journalism and the major news sources (NYT, CNN, WSJ, etc.) will look like in 2020? 2030?
    • How can mainstream media sources better integrate blogging content into their traditional editorial process? Should they?

  22. Robert H (DL)
  23. Rylan
    1) How do you think the easy accessibility of traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines) has effected the addition of podcasts to your information filter repertoire? Would you watch your favorite TV show if you had to first search for it, download it, and transfer it to another device?

    2) In a digital world where every individual fetish, interest, and viewpoint can be well serviced  by an informed creator, do you embrace that fringe majority or long to be a part of the crowd?

    3) What traditional media source are you currently using on a regular basis that you think may be better served as a podcast or blog?

  24. Sarah
    1. What are some of the blogs you visit?

    2. How often do you turn to blogs as your news source?

    3. How will blogging affect how news is reported in the future?

  25. Shane
    1. Why is the media so obsessed with reporting about it’s impending doom?

    2. How can tell if a blogger is a news reporter (citizen journalist) or an editorialist commentator?

    3. If the Seattle PI goes only online, how will that affect its credibility as a news organization? Does having a paper product add to its reputation and credibility?

  26. Stephen H
    What will the long term effect of blogging be on the attention deficit disorder that traditional media seem to have mostly embraced?
    What is the level of danger of monopolization of major media outlets in a blogger’s world.
    How does major media’s need to make money jibe with moves made by some to ride on the success of bloggers and podcasters?
  27. Ted L
    Q1. What new developments in technology do foresee having a major impact on the blogging experience?

    Q2. In your opinion, what are the greatest advantages and disadvantages of open source media and why?

    Q3. In what way has sharing of information by your peers on blogs affected your life or outlook?

  28. TressaRose
    1. How has established media, like radio, newspaper, and television, adapted to fast pace of blogging  networks?
    2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Blogs taking over established media?
    3. Even though blogs can report and respond to a lot more information than other media sources, how can we determine what is still being filtered?
  29. Tyler (DL)

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