Week 6 – Class Notes – Wed

Online News

  • Wrap up lecture (con’t from Monday)
  • Example of “citizen journalism” for discussion (links to next week’s topic of politics)
  • Group Project
  • Any questions about Friday assignment?

Example of “citizen journalism”?

Example of “Big Brother Is Us”

  • Inauguration photo
  • “The GigapanSM system was developed by Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group, with support from Google.”

Group Project

(1) Digital Media Dictionary
If there is interest, use WetPaint (wiki) or Google docs (requires gmail account) or WordPress (as group blog) to develop a directory of terminology related to this course and digital media. Team members would decide on scope and choose a publishing tool, with guidance from me.

(2) News Organization Survey
In 2007 and 2008, COM300 students charted how 110 online news organizations (newspapers and TV) are adopting social media tools like RSS, blogging and podcasting. The proposal for 2009 is to look at 50 “newspaper” sites and 10 “other” sites from the prior surveys as well as 25 independent/advocacy news sites. Bilkay will help lead the effort, along with me. The secondary goal this quarter is to compare technology adoption across time.

What sites will we review (pdf of review form – link above)?

  • Top 50 (or more) newspapers (by circulation)
  • The Guardian, The Independent and The Sun (UK), The Financial Times
  • NEW: Independent/Advocacy sites (TBD but will include RedState, HuffPo, The Moderate Voice, Newsvine, NewsCloud, NowPublic, WestSeattleBlog, Crosscut, TheUptake.com, ProPublica, Frontline, 60 Minutes)

Proposed Process:

V1 assignments (the first 2 newspapers – pdf)

To avoid creating new logins:

  • BugMeNot
  • GoogleNews – search on news organization name

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