Week 7 – Class Notes

Online Politics

  • Framing Lecture
  • Discussion Leaders
  • Essays
  • For Next Week…

Framing Discussion

Discussion Leaders:

  1. Ashika
  2. Bilkay
  3. John
  4. Michael
  5. Rylan
  6. Tressa

Remember to give feedback (comments) to one of the people you heard and one of the people that you did not hear. Link these to your COM300 page, please!

Last Week’s Discussion Leader Reflections:

  1. Chadrose
  2. Corey
  3. Jamie
  4. Madeline
  5. Tyler


  • Reminder:
    Finals week you will pick one of the three essays for grading, and I’ll pick one of the other two for grading. I’ll be providing feedback this weekend on the two that you have submitted. If I have it link on either “Essay1” or “Essay2”, you’ll get full points if it is not selected for grading! You may also edit the essay after it is posted.
  • Discussion
  • Link to your essays
  • Pick the two that follow your name in this list (note that they aren’t quite alphabetized anymore) and give that person feedback. The last two people move to the top (1, 2).

For Next Week …

Group Project – How’s It Going Posts

If you haven’t posted one yet, please do so by Friday.

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