Week 7 Discussion Questions

Here are your discussion questions!

  1. Ashika
    1. What might future presidential elections include on their website to help build credibility?
    2. How might such websites become more interactive in the future?
    3. How can websites make voting easier and safer in the future?
  2. Bilkay
    1. How did you use the internet and email to learn more about the 2008 Presidential Campaign?2. How was the 2008 presidential Campaign different from previous ones?

    3. How do you think the new digital mediums will affect American Politics as we knew it yesterday? What will be the benefits and the pitfalls?

  3. Candice

    1. In your experience, what website characteristics have encouraged or discouraged your buying or browsing decisions and why.

    2. What changes have you seen in websites since you’ve started using the web more frequently and how have those changes impacted the way you gather information?

    3. What are some things you think will change in how politicians use the internet in future campaigns?

  4. Chad

    1.  If Democratic candidates tend to use open source technologies for their websites and Republicans use proprietary technologies (as Gill suggests), what does that imply (if anything) about each party’s worldview?

    2.  For what reasons would you sign up to receive email and text messages from a campaign? For what reasons would you avoid doing this?

    3.  How will the expansion of Internet access into rural areas effect elections?

  5. Chadrose
    1.  If campaigns were prohibited to use the Internet for future elections, what are some other ways that they could reach the large numbers they get as supporters through the Internet?2.  This year’s Obama/McCain campaign just happened, what were ways that you used the Internet to gain information about your candidate of choice?

    3.  How do you differentiate what you are reading to be truth, if the site that you are on seems to have credible writers?

  6. Cindy
    Do you think that websites are a reflection of how a president will deal with their positions on issues and how they will react to an ever changing dynamic of how people communicate?

    Explain how bloggers have changed the presidential dynamic in the 2008 election?

    Describe the differences between republican and democratic views and how this may play into the content of their webpages?

  7. Corey
    1. Should standards be enforced for creating websites? on what level?2. How does web presence apply to online campaign sites?

    3. What can be done by voters and consumers to premote a higher standard of web presence?

  8. John
    Q1 – In what ways does the power of networking on the web, create exponential desired results over its conventional methods of reaching political supporters?
    Q2 – In what ways does the power of networking on the web, work against one organizing a polical campaign?
    Q3 –  How did Joe Trippi’s use of technology to succeed in Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign, affect the success Obama received in his 2008 presidential campaign?
  9. Glenn

    1) What advantages do you feel Obama offered his online constituents, which McCain fell short on for the 2008 election?

    2) What are some ways politicians can further leverage the internet to gain more votes or a larger audience that these articles did not mention?

    3) How do you see the internet and information technology shaping the future of politics?

  10. Gulshan

    1. What do you think is the future of online politics?

    2. How big of a role do you think the Internet played in the most recent presidential election?

    3. How well do you think the websites reflect a presidential candidate and their stand on certain issues?

  11. JR
    1. How can candidates in the future utilize the internet better?, or is there even any other way of taking advantage of the technology?
    2. In times of a rough economy, can the internet really help raise money the way it has for Obama or Dean?
    3.  With the increase in popularity in online campaigns, will this urge candidates to go after younger voters?
  12. Katarina

    (1)What was the most effective and innovative part of the Dean campaign?

    (2)Considering Gill’s list of site faux pas, what do you think are the qualities most appreciated by political netizens?

    (3)How has political activism become easy and convenient during the past hundred years? How does that affect the mentality of the voter?

  13. Madeline
    1. How does the Internet impact your voting decisions?
    2. How can President Obama use digital media to solidify loyalty among his supporters?
    3. How can President Obama use digital media to gain new supporters?
  14. Mandy
    1. How might a Presidential campaign progress without the use of Internet technologies?

    2. How did you use Internet technologies during the 2008 Presidential campaigns? Did these technologies help influence your vote?

    3. Comparing the Dean and Obama campaigns, how did the Obama campaign improve upon the use of Internet technology?

  15. Mark
    How can politicians use the internet to maintain support on issues after they are elected officials?How would you feel about your elected official (mayor, governor, president, etc…) if she/he had a MySpace or Facebook page?

    On Wikipedia topics are defined by unqualified web users. What political public policies should be defined by a similiar format?

  16. Michael
    1) If you were interested in the 2008 election, what were the ways you used the internet to find out more information about your political party or about the candidates?2) How did the internet play a role, if at all, regarding the outcome of the 2008 election?

    3) What does the internet provide to voters compared to television or newspapers covering the election?

  17. Rob
    * How could new media / technologies be impacting the day-to-day events in Washington DC today?
    * What will the continued use of new technologies have on political candidates campaigning and interactions with the public during and between elections?
    * What would a world where world leaders and politicians routinely use IM and social networking sites to connect with one another? Would it lead to more or less war, free-trade, etc.?
  18. Shane
    1. What do you think will be the next evolution in media? (will blogs really take over, or will the main stream media survive because the citizen journalism movement can’t fully fill the needs of an information needy culture?)
    2. Why do political discussions seem more appropriate for blogs than some other forms of citizen journalism (like straight news reporting)?
    3. How will the demise of traditional media impact the creation of a third political party?
  19. Stephen

    How could the internet help to overcome the legislation of two political parties?

    What would be the effect of voters refusing to share their profile information on social networking sites once campaigns have gotten used to it?

  20. Ted
    Q1. How has the internet changed the way you think about politics?

    Q2. What’s your ideal campaign website (design, features, etc.)?

    Q3. Where do you see the recent technological innovations leading the future of politics?

  21. Tressa
    1. How did they internet impact your decision in the 2008 elections?
    2. What were the differences between Bush’s (2004) and Obama’s (2008) presence on the Internet?
    3. Is it important for voters to be able to communicate their opinions on politicians’ blogs?
  22. Tyler
    1. How is the political landscape different for those of us who grew up using the internet?
    2. In what ways has the internet shifted focus away from who the candidate is and where he or she stands on the issues?
    3. Our articles largely focus on the positive effects the internet has had on politicians running for office, what are some of the negative effects?
  23. Quoc
    1. During our last Presidential race, what was the biggest source of information online?

    2. If you were in a political race, what are the ways you would use the internet to get people to vote for you?

    3. What do you see is the biggest jump for the 2004 to 2008 elections that you see online and that was used?


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