Week 8 – Monday – Class Notes

Online Commerce

  • Framing
  • Discussion Leaders
  • Related Skill Request: DRM/No DRM
  • Group Projects


Discussion Leaders

  1. Candice
  2. Chad
  3. Katarina
  4. Shane
  5. Ted
  6. Quoc – Wed (class at large)

Prior DL Reflections

Your Questions Discussion:

  1. Why have repeated attempts at online grocery delivery been unsuccessful?
    RELATED: Why are box stores still around? If people can buy almost everything online, why are box stores still effective?
  2. How can brick-and-mortar retailers compete with online retailers or e-tailers in the future so that they don’t become the next CompUSA or CircuitCity?
  3. How credible is a store that only has an online store front, as compared to one that has an actual location plus an online shop?
  4. In what ways has shopping online changed the way shoppers (as a whole) are “more educated” shoppers?

Skill Session: DRM

Group Project

‘How You’re Doing – News’

  1. Ashikafirst, second
  2. Chad – first, second
  3. Chadrose – first, second
  4. Corey – first
  5. Gulya – first
  6. JR – first
  7. Madeline** all compared
  8. Mandy**first, all compared
  9. Michael L – first,
  10. Mike – first, all compared
  11. Quoc – first, second
  12. Rob – first, comparison
  13. Robert – first
  14. Rylan – first
  15. Shane – first
  16. Ted – first
  17. Tressa – first, comparison

‘How You’re Doing – Glossary’

  1. Stephen

Other Interesting Posts


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  1. Q3: credibility
    :: why would we suspect an online-only store and not a mom-and-pop store
    :: we did not inherently trust b&m store more
    :: people have oppty to open store online when the cost offline might be prohibitive

    Q4: change
    :: Pricing
    :: Online reviewers provide additional word-of-mouth; Shane -> UK made it illegal for fake group effort in reviews; Megan -> cNet, etc professional reviews; Chad -> if community is reputable enough, put great stock in the review
    :: Online site give you more info than offline stores

  2. Q1:
    :: Produce, meat – you don’t trust someone else to judge
    :: Canned foods
    :: Family experience
    :: Logistics seem tough
    :: Less efficient to try to get these perishable items to you
    :: It feels decadent
    :: Blend – order online & pick them up
    :: Can you use coupons
    :: I like to go to the grocery store!
    :: Online shopping eliminates discovery

    :: Service, service, service + competitive pricing and ability to match prices.
    :: Have to use their F2F interaction to create experience, reason to come there
    :: Not everyone is tech-savvy – people will pay a lot of money for customer service
    :: Knowledgeable and trustworthy sales people
    :: Professional relationship with salesperson
    :: Liberal return policies
    :: All the info you need to know online

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