Week 8 – Wed – Class Notes

Online Commerce, part 2 – Agenda:

  • Continue Discussion
  • Skill: WordPress
  • Group Project Work
  • Housekeeping

Continue Discussion

DL: Quoc on CraigsList

  1. Why have repeated attempts at online grocery delivery been unsuccessful?
    RELATED: Why are box stores still around? If people can buy almost everything online, why are box stores still effective?
  2. How can brick-and-mortar retailers compete with online retailers or e-tailers in the future so that they don’t become the next CompUSA or CircuitCity?

Jeff Bezos on Jon Stewart – Monday night

Group Project

See your results (Google Docs read-only spreadsheet)

  • On 3×5 card, ID the two best online news sites you visited (overall) and why you’ve made that judgment
  • On 3×5 card, ID the best integration of social media (Digg, Newsvine, Blogs, Twitter, etc) and why
  • Groups of 2: pick two in each category
  • Groups of 4: pick two in each category. Pick someone from your group to write a blog post with your results (and why!); include names of all group members

Examples of interactive info graphics


Skill: WordPress

  • Demo: edit post to change/add category [all of your blog posts should have a category! no “uncategorized” posts]
  • Demo: inserting and aligning image [detail image types: jpg/png/gif]
  • Demo: changing home page to static page [useful for portfolio website]
  • Demo: design experimentation [everyone should be using something other than default design by now]
  • Demo: about page [why it’s important]

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  1. hey Quoc, great presentation on Craigslist; thorough and well organized powerpoint. Craig’s List is a very simple concept that has grown very quickly as you’ve shown with statistics. It’s an interesting strategy/business plan that Craigs list has to have a free forum for individuals, while business trading drives its revenue. I wonder how the sale value of a web site such as Craig’s list is considered, and specifically, how the percentage of individual Craig’s List users around the globe, is calculated into the value, when it doesn’t generate any revenue. Are sites like this going to charge individuals in the future, once they have a brand monopoly in their market?

    Great pres. dude

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