Week 9 – Class Notes – Monday

Digital Divide

  • Framing discussion
  • Discussion leaders
  • Open lab

Framing discussion

Digital Divide: the gap between those who have access to or who can benefit from technology and those who do not/cannot

Discussion Leaders

  1. Glenn – DD Accessibility
  2. Gulshan – DD Demographics
  3. Megan – DD HeadStart
  4. Mike C – DD Universal Access (abstract, presentation)
  5. Stephen H – DD Access v Benefit

Post DL:
Please comment on the post of one person whose report you heard and one that you did not hear. Remember that these comments go at the bottom of the discussion leader post. It’s OK to repost on  your blog, but the DL won’t necessarily get the benefit from your insights that way.

Last week’s discussion leader reflections:

Open Lab

  • Remember to double check – there should be no “uncategorized” blog posts!
  • Help your site visitors: move your “pages” widget to the top of your navigation column (see ChadRose for example). This is especially important when your design does not have global navigation elements in the header)
  • Now is also a good time to catch up on your “comments on the posts of others” links on your COM300 page
  • If your WordPress template does not show “bolded” type in the finished post, you will need to either change your template or figure out some other way to indicate your thesis statement in the essays. Talk to me in lab if you don’t want to change templates and I’ll show you some alternatives — but they all require you to go into “HTML View.”

Other Interesting Posts

Last week’s news site assessment summary posts

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