Week 9 – Post-Class Note

From the email:

(1) Mandy’s comments are not being posted on people’s blogs.

Would everyone please head to their WordPress Dashboard … navigate to “comments” (between “pages” and “polls” in left hand navigation). See if you have any comments waiting to be approved. See if you have any comments flagged as spam. Find Mandy and approve her comments! You’ll need to “check” the little box, change “bulk action” drop down to approve, and then click “apply.”

(2) Everyone should have feedback on the first two essays. Let me know if you did not get the email. I had to resend a few because your blog name didn’t match this syntax: uwnetID.wordpress.com … and because I had each of you create the hyperlinks to your blogs, I didn’t know this!

(3) For those of you who were not with us today (and far more people were missing than told me that they would be missing class), there are details of what we did — and what you need to be doing with your blogs — on the course blog. We will wrap up our discussion of the digital divide on Wednesday.



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