Week 10 – Monday

Where Do We Go From Here?

Your Essays

Same process as with essay 2:

  • Reminder:
    Finals week you will pick one of the three essays for grading, and I’ll pick one of the other two for grading. I’ll be providing feedback this weekend on the two that you have submitted. If I have it link on either “Essay1″ or “Essay2″, you’ll get full points if it is not selected for grading! You may also edit the essay after it is posted
  • Link to your essays
  • Pick the two that follow your name in this list. The last two people move to the top (1, 2).

Posts of Interest:

Lecture/Discussion (ppt)

  1. What’s wrong with product placement?
  2. In your own life, what technologies like do you use that could be considered a time waster?
  3. How do Ipods, and Tivo/DVRs affect the way you view opposing viewpoints?
  4. How will people be responsible for their increasing “individualism”, and the divide it creates with others?
  5. What might a world look like where government policy makers routinely text and instant message one another?

Project Updates


  • Data to date (some people still have not done this project – if not completed by class on Wednesday, no credit at all)
  • Final Four – Michael, Corey, Chad, Rob
  • Final Four – Quoc, John, Jamie, Robert, Theo
  • Final Four – Tyler, Ashika, Mark, Tressa
  • Final Four – Glenn, Mandy, Megan, Madeline
  • Final Four – Bilkay, JR, Rylan, Shane
  • Examples of good (final) comparative blog posts – give me a little “meat” please! Send me an email when you’ve done this or updated your post. Due next Wednesday.
    Jamie, Madeline, Mandy, Mike, Rob
  • What will project look like?

Class Glossary


  • Essay three — double check that you have highlighted only ONE sentence – not a paragraph!
  • Make sure you post is long enough – spell checked – grammar checked
  • Final essay
  • Gradesheet updated

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