Week 10 Questions

Final set of questions!

  1. Askika – none
  2. Bilkay:
    1. How do you see yourself using sites like Holla Back.com or dontdatehimgirl.com?
    2. Why do you think Digilante has found a niche on the web?
    3. How should Digilante websites control accuracy of there posts?
  3. Candice:
    1. What other technologies could be implemented to improve the lives of those not currently online?
    2. What are some considerations not noted in the article?
    3. What are the cultural implications of providing web-access in areas that are extremely underdeveloped and impoverished?
  4. Chad:
    1. In what ways are “unplanned, unanticipated encounters central to democracy itself?”
    2. How would you prefer to be confronted with a complaint about your poor etiquette? In person? On the phone? In an email? In a Craigslist rant? On a digilante website?
    3. What’s wrong with product placement?
  5. Cindy:
    1. How do you feel technology has affected the way you interact with others? ( This can be through e-mails, texting, blogs, phones, etc.)
    2. In what ways are public spheres increasing or decreasing through new technology?
    3. What are some ways that technology has too much control of your life? Can you live and function without it?
  6. Corey:
    1. How might technologies such as the printing press be compared to digital video recording technology?
    2. In your own life, what technologies like do you use that could be considered a time waster?
    3. What kinds of systems should be implemented to utilize these same technologies in a positive way? (i.e. online lost and found)
  7. Glenn:
    1) How do Ipods, and Tivo/DVRs affect the way you view opposing viewpoints? (OPEN) Do you see it reinforcing prejudices in your life? (CLOSED)
    2) What is your take on “Digilante Justice” websites? (OPEN) Should they be outlawed or are they protected under the constitution? (CLOSED)
    3) How do you see “egocentric” media consumption affecting our children and grandchildren?
  8. Gulshan:
    1. How have various “digilante” websites impacted your life?
    2. Do you think that the existence of these sites offers more positives or negatives? And why? What do you think is the future of this service to our community?
  9. Jamie – no post
  10. John:
    Q1 – How will people be responsible for their increasing “individualism”, and the divide it creates with others?
    Q2 – How can or should people manage the difference between their online and personal life? Q3 – How will we communicate in the future with an increasing public space?
  11. JR – no post
  12. Katarina:
    (1) How is the public sphere opening due to technologies like the iPod and the Smart Phone?
    (2)How does personal media shape who you are as a person?
    (3) What do you experience that isn’t mediated in your daily life? How is mediation improving quality of life?
  13. Madeline:
    1. What would prompt you to post on a “digilante” Web site?
    2. If you have a DVR, how has it changed your TV viewing habits?
    3. What will the effect be on American society if the next generation grows up without the capacity to be surprised?
  14. Mandy:
    1. What roll has digilante justice played in your life?
    2 . Digilate-ism can be seen as a waste of time and effort, and as something useful for society. What is your personal opinion?
  15. Mark:
    What areas of news reporting are considered better reported by trained journalist?How can news reporting companies benefit from utilizing citizen blog sites?

    What other forums might be vital to the news reporting companies future?

  16. Michael:
    1) In what ways does listening to music before and after class effect your ability to recall the lecture or understand it better? Is it better to look at notes right after the lecture?

    2) How does TiVo and other cable recording programs effect the way tv shows are being viewed over the internet? (i.e more commercials online?)

    3) What are the benefits of being able to come together and vent about the same issue or problem bugging you?

  17. Mike
    # How can citizen reporting benefit news dissemination?
    # Between the lines of “free” citizen contributions like iReporting, Wikis, flickr and Youtube where does active community volunteering fit in?
    # How can Social network sites supplant digilante sites?
  18. Quoc
    1. What digitalante websites do you check or use?2. What are some of the things you would change in creating a filter for these sites?

    3. What are your personal feelings about these websites?

  19. Rob:
    – What would a world in which government policy makers routinely text and instant message one another look like?
    – What does an economy without the middle man, without the specialist look like?
    – What would be the challenges of living in a New Media, open-source world, what would be the advantages
  20. Robert – no post
  21. Sarah:
    1. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how dependent are we becoming on our computers? 2. What did we ever do before SKYPE? Oh yah! Have more real human-to-human contact! Hehe.. but really, how did you connect with people before the popularity of e-mail, texting and services offered by SKYPE?3. How can companies market off VoIP integration? Or what, if anything wins you over about VoIP?
  22. Shane:
    1. Why do men have such a terrible reputation when it comes to TV remote usage when women are just as bad?2. How do you think TV will evolve as TiVo-like devices become more commonplace?

    3. One of the articles go on to talk about how we are all critics of content now. Over time, how work to improve the media we consume?

  23. Stephen – no questions
  24. Theo – no questions
  25. Tressa
  26. Tyler

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