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Education For the Future

Today’s technology is changing at a pace that our social and cultural society cannot keep up with. As humans we are adaptive, flexible and tolerant beings living in a world run by machines that are fixed, rigid, and all about precision. The article I chose titled, “Old Communication, New Literacies: Social Network Sites as Social Learning Resources,” discusses how this technology is affecting and changing education and today’s literacy.

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Research In Today’s Emerging Networks

In today’s rapidly evolving technology, issues surrounding the combination of media convergence must be evaluated. The article entitled “Ethical and legal issues for writing researchers in an age of media convergence” was written by a teacher that began to encounter all these dilemmas within the new frame of our current culture. The author, Heidi A. McKee, shed light on three issues that have become apparent within ethical and legal issues. Part of the issues that are evaluated within this framework are presenting oneself within new technologies, copyright and consent for use of research, and legal issues that can arise.

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Facebook: Privacy Killer??

Facebook privacy settings: Who cares?
by danah boyd and Eszter Hargittai.
First Monday, Volume 15, Number 8 – 2 August 2010

Abstract: With over 500 million users, the decisions that Facebook makes about its privacy settings have the potential to influence many people. While its changes in this domain have often prompted privacy advocates and news media to critique the company, Facebook has continued to attract more users to its service. This raises a question about whether or not Facebook’s changes in privacy approaches matter and, if so, to whom. Read the rest of this entry

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