week 5 – Wednesday (20 July 2011)

Personal Learning Networks

  • Housekeeping
  • Discussion Leaders
  • Lab (exercises)


  • Gradesheet
  • Note: no comments or resource posts shared publicly yet, too few students
  • Research paper suggestions

Reading Discussion and Discussion Leaders

Lab (tools – WordPress)

  • Demo and explain the “more” tag
  • Reminder about categories

Lab (exercise with Diigo)


  • Before Friday (that means midnight Th), make two comments on DL posts — one on a presentation that you participated in and one on the presentation that you did not hear. Please upload these as comments to the assignment sheet. The comments should be pertinent to discussion and offer evidence for any claims (such as “good job!”).


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  1. Chae: What you gave me credit for Week 3 reading is not me.

  2. tim chu week 5 http://timchu.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/personal-learning-networks/

    also i did not do week 3 readings, but did week 4 instead.

  3. Parisa Talajoor, Grace Park, and Emily Pettit.

    – Technology is moving faster than education can keep up with
    – There is not enough focus or time spent on the education portion of online courses, rather it is spent tweaking and developing the technology
    – Many people are hesitant and skeptical to technology because it is developing too quickly for people, especially older generations, to keep up with
    – Society is slow to change
    – Older generations are more “focused” on the usage of technology vs. “tech savvy” generations ‘playing around’ more with it

  4. Ian, Adam, Xiaoxi

    -Networks, HCI, and open source are all closely related
    -Open source is used to create the new technology because it allows for a wide variety of people to have an impact on creation. Also, it allows for information to be easily shared.
    -This easily shared information goes to all the different networks that spread the information and new technology.
    -Which in turn, leads to new and improved HCI
    -Also we felt open source was something we preferred. We liked being able to access the information and liked information to be shared.

  5. Open source, HCI and networks – the connections?
    Group members: Amy Orloff, Chieh-Hsin (Jessie) Lin, Chia-Ho Kang
    1. Three of them need tools to help them for development, also need someone to create a program for people to make use of them.
    2. Open source and network are kind of cannel to share information; for example we can use a microphone to record our ideas or performances and then share with the public.
    3. Three of them are basically need to work with computers.
    4. The Internet is an open source for people to make use of the information, and have a social or learning network.
    5. To treat computer as a reliable friend (Human computer interaction), and put information and data into its database make human easier to manage their information and help them to remember things easier.
    6. Otherwise, with the Internet people can search information they need within a short time, and have network with others that post their opinions in line (open sources).

  6. Cecilia, Colleen, Sean

    -Networks, computers, open sources all linked.
    -Human interaction->social networks
    -Sharing data: links,info etc=social network and open source software
    -Open source: don’t have certain walls withholding info; connections/networks make it more likely that great info will be found
    -Human-computer interaction: how a person uses an interface; related to placement/organization=process with which you sift through data
    -HCI:building up of ease of access/increased interdependence

  7. Tim, Tammy, Danny

    Open Source
    – Collaborative, operating system
    – Building a network for collaborating

    – Humans use computer to network

    – The ongoing interaction

    Connectivity using open-source software
    Connectivity between humans

    HCI connects to Open Source connects to Networking
    Networking connects to HCI
    Open Source and Networking can connect to each other.

  8. Holly Burton, Chae Seong, Anneka Kielman

    – fusion of work and personal life and how technology affected us (example: email)
    – individuals share ideas and comminicate with each other more often and more easily because of the internet
    – sharing of information through blogs, social networks
    – Website/company competition over the internet (simplicity helps, easy to navigate)

  9. Jake, Gary, Deborah

    -The open source movement is the first step to a de-commercialzed environment for programs and software.
    -Personal Learning Networks are creating a more connected community that self sustains its demand of information.
    -HCI will change because there will be more of a customized viral environment for users.

    Copyright will change because of the information flow that cannot be contained.

    These are interrelated because they all build on each other to create more of an environment based on information flow and not money.

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