The development and technological changes changed the way we store and transfer information and ideas. Personal Learning networks are new ways to keep in touch with others. It allows you to stay in touch with people all around the world anytime and anywhere. It is now critical for people to stay on top of current issues. Personal networks will be used to network with other people, share ideas, get help, ask questions or advice from others.

Newly, administrators and educators are starting to use personal learning networks to better educate students and their community. The article I chose was titled, “ Twitter as a PLN” and “A Primer on Personal Learning Networks.” Both articles focuses on the personal learning network “Twitter.” Each article discusses how twitter is beneficial in today’s learning community. “Twitter as a PLN” also shares examples of  previous experience educators had while using twitter: “I have found more resources and got more useful advice for professional development in 3 months on Twitter than in the previous 5 years without it.”

In conclusion, it is discussed that personal learning networks are now a necessity. The benefits of the people we choose to connect, collaborate, share ideas, and problem solve through personal learning networks and social media. Once students begin to experience the connection to other students and teachers outside of their physical spaces such as classrooms, they also begin to rely on personal learning networks as a part of their daily learning lives.

Citation: Twitter as a Personal Learning Network (PLN) | What’s New in the World?. (n.d.). What’s New in the World?. Retrieved July 19, 2011, from

Personal Learning Networks for Educators


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  1. Personally, I don’t think personal learning networks(PLN) is necessary for students. Internet can help; it can also be a distraction. At the same time, We have the physical classroom which is the main classroom. If PLN is so important, then why don’t we cancel all physical class and all go online? I can’t focus very much on my laptop, I feel uncomfortable with looking at the screen for a long time. However, twitter gives us a platform that we can use to discuss problem, we can also learn from other’s twittes, but that doesn’t mean twitter is educational, twitter is a very unreliable learning platform from my view point. PLN gives us chance to get connect with each other, and make us getting closer and closer, but at the same time, it is also making us getting further and further. When everybody is busying with their online work, who is still caring about the real life?

  2. I think Twitter is a good tool for gathering information, but I do not feel it should be taken for facevalue. PLN’s can offer a great expansion for information that gets presented easily to someone instead of searching blindly. I had a lot of questions regarding exactly how twitter worked when you presented your article. I think I may have to look into this source to see if it is something that will benefit my search for information. Part of the problem I can see with Twitter is the same ol story that has always been around. If someone is very opinionated in one way and chooses to only follow people that agree with their viewpoint, they will lose access to open discussions and only validate and harden an opinion. Twitter can be used for personal gossip or news gathering, so I am not sure if it constitutes a great learning tool, but this opinion may be due to my limited knowledge of the site. I have heard great things, and everyone defends it as being a very useful tool which I cant argue. The only problem with this is the one sided aspect. There is no discussion or rebuttals; there is only a following of informational streams.

  3. I wish i saw this presentation. I think twitter can be a very valuable tool for both educators and students. It allows for students and teachers across the world to connect. The use of hashtags can be very valuable. When conferences go on, educators can all use one hashtag and are able to get all of the tweets from the conference at once. they can hear many educator’s opinions which can only broaden their own horizon. the 140 character limit forces people to be short and sweet with their comments. students can also connect to each other to ask questions and get answers.

  4. Before taking this course I had never heard about personal learning networks, but now that I am learning more about them, I have come to realize how important they truly are. I like what you said about developing PLN’s with students and teachers outside of the physical confines of the classroom to develop our daily learning lives. It is like the article we read about PLN’s, which pointed out the fact that people tend to stop being challenged with concepts and ideas when they leave school. This leads to people just doing what needs to be done to get the job finished so they can move on. The you-tube video about PLN’s brought up another interesting use of PLN’s which is to support you when you are in need of assistance with concepts you are unfamiliar with. You can just access your PLN and find the appropriate people that you have surrounded yourself with to assist you with your problem.

  5. I enjoyed your presentation, your topic is really interesting and it relates closely to my personal life. I don’t know if the PLN is a good tool for the educators, but I do think it’s a useful tool for people (not necessarity students) to get information they need. First, take Twitter as an example, people follow sources that can provide information and topics that correspond to their interests, and since the information sources are diverse and wide online, it really broaders people’s vision, gives them more inspirations, and evokes more ideas. So to me, Twitter is a good source for self learning.

  6. I think you did a nice job with your presentation and used visual aids well. I personally do not use Twitter but found your presentation to be informative on the topic. I think that Twitter from my knowledge of it can play a small role when it comes to teachers and improving their teaching techniques. Because Twitter allows for networking to occur and allows for teachers to share ideas amongst one another this can be a useful tool when it comes to improving teachers knowledge.

    However, I did not understand how the students would benefit from their teachers using Twitter, other than the fact that they might be more informed. However, I could definitely be wrong considering how fast the Twitter following is rising and it is hard to predict for the future.

  7. It was really interesting topic and I enjoyed your presentation. I think Twitter is good place for sharing and gathering ideas but I’m not sure that it’s a good learning tool for students. Students share new information related to course topics but there is high probability for posting not credible sources. Also I doubt that there could be thoughtful discussion on twitter. Since many people can tweet to talk their opinion, there would be crowded so students would not discuss in meaningful way.

  8. I think that personal network learning is becoming necessary for people, but the good things is that we have the ability to choose what we want. Twitter is a social network for people to connect and build relationship throughout the world. I don’t think Twitter is a personal network learning. People can learn through other people’s thoughts and people from different culture however it won’t teach people the real education. Since Twitter is public where everyone can see there are unapproporiate posts that studnets may see. I think Twitter is good in a way that people can have ideas and share the ideas with many people worldwide. I never used Twitter before, but I’m willing to use Twitter to communicate and maintain my social remationship with others; not for my personal network learning.

  9. I think you’ve chosen a interesting topic. Is or will Twitter served as educational purpose? In my point of view, no. To me, Twitter has a really annoying rule on word limits, which they force people to only use 140 words to summarize what they want to say perhaps in thousands of words. As a matter of fact, not a lot of things can be summarize that way. News maybe, academic information? No. Therefore, this rule becomes the biggest barrier towards Twitter becoming teaching resources. Notwithstanding, Twitter can definitely be a gate where people access and gain quick knowledge about something.

  10. I think Twitter is a great way to share information with other people, keep track of companies and people and to learn interesting things that you probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. Twitter is accessible, pretty easy to use, and doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. It’s all about what you put into it yourself. I think that it could be a very helpful learning/teaching tool if we want it to be. I think Twitter is still in its very early stages and will change and develop quite a bit over the next few years (just look at facebook as an example). Technology is constantly evolving and Twitter is no different.
    In our discussion we talked about how different people use Twitter. Lots of people use it for work, to get news, or for entertainment purposes. We thought that it is not used as much for friends than it is for these previously mentioned reasons. Twitter has already made huge strides in the short time it has been around and I think we will see many more changes in the future.

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