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How Traditional Media is Adapting to an Online World

There is no doubt that the online world has perhaps had the greatest impact on the field of news reporting.  The idea of a journalist is very different now than 20 years ago.  Blogging done by people not trained in journalism, has become part of our world.  And while grassroots journalism has captured some of the market, traditional news media has not stood by idle.  How has the mainstream news sources adapted to our ever changing idea of journalism?  A study by Neil Thompson tries to answer this question.

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Online Journalism

Abstract: The article focused on three aspects: First, it discussed the 4 types of online journalism consisting of Mainstream News sites, Index & Category sites, Meta & Comment sites, and Share & Discussion sites.  The author provided distinctive attributes of each and gave some examples of websites which fell under those categories.  In addition, Mark Deuze also provided characteristics of online journalism including hypertextuality, multimediality, and interactivity.  He describes the aspects of these traits and also invites the reader to think about questions concerning them.  Lastly, Deuze lists the new strategies for online journalism consisting of annotative reporting, open source journalism, and hyperadaptive news sites.  He explains how these various strategies have been employed by online journalists and the pros/cons associated with them.

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