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Being a discussion leader was a fun yet challenging project that I had a lot of fun doing. I got the idea for my project from one of the readings assigned to us on the wired website about digital economics. The article started out talking about how a recommendation on Amazon caused a book to go from obscurity to a best seller. This idea really intrigued me so I looked for a similar article. The article I found was about how people use and misuse Amazon reviews. It was a good experience turning the study done in the article into a presentation about the overall effect of online reviews.
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Online Review Practices and Misuse

Online reviews and suggestions are a huge part of online retail stores and often times determine what gets sold and what doesn’t. People use the suggestions of others, either expert reviewers, or everyday people, to decide if that product is right for them. These reviews aren’t always genuine though, and often times they come from reviewers with hidden agendas. Shay Davis and Trevor Pinch conducted a study to determine how exactly people do use the review feature offered by many online retail stores. They did this by using software they created themselves to detect when nearly identical reviews were being used for two different products.

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