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Week 1 Notes – Th

Week 1 – Tu

  • Class introductions
  • Review syllabus, course requirements
    • Office Hours : Thursday, 3.30 – 4.30 and by appointment
    • Office : 251B Communications Building
    • Syllabus Exercise
  • MultiMedia: Blogging and Public Affairs (Link to Epic2015)
  • In Class Lab:
    • Create: Student Blogs using Word Press ; use your UWNetID as your login. That will make your WordPress URL <>
    • e-mail blog URL (link) to me at kegill – at – uw
      • Recommended settings:
        • Make the blog public but not included in search engines or public listings (unless you want the outside world – strangers – to easily view your blog!) – This is under “options – privacy”
        • Make the name distinctive (not “Com300”!) – This is under “options – general”
        • To avoid spam, enable “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” – This is under “options – general”


Using WordPress With Class

All weekly class notes will be posted here, on WordPress.

The main website for the class remains on UW servers.

This is an experiment. :)