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ProQuest and APA

Double-check your Discussion Leader citation. Non-APA style will be marked down, per this note.


In class on Thursday, we had a short discussion on APA citations and ProQuest. After hearing the assertion that ProQuest provides inaccurate citations when students have the cites e-mailed to them (a claim that I had not heard from prior COM300 students), I double-checked — I wanted to see, myself, if the ProQuest system had changed dramatically.

Surprise (not)! ProQuest is quite explicit. For example, the first bit of information in the e-mail follows:


Ensure the accuracy and completeness of your bibliography by following the instructions at the bottom of the page. In particular, the formatting of author names and dates might need to be corrected and missing information may need to be filled in.

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Week 5 Notes – Th

Week 5 Notes – Tu

Networks – Social and Technological

  • Discuss:
    • Search assignment
    • Grades
    • Feedback
      • Group v Large Class Discussion
      • Assignment Times
      • Online v Hard Copy
      • “I’m Not Computer Literate”
  • Lecture (your questions as of 9 pm Monday night – ppt)
  • Discussion Leaders – Group 2
    • We will count off into small groups
    • Group leaders will spread around the room
    • We will spend approximately 10 minutes per presentation. There will be 2-3 “rounds”
    • We’ll regroup and discuss as a group
  • Assignment Reminder:

Week 5 Questions

Questions follow.
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Week 4 Notes – Th

Human Computer Interaction

Questions for today’s discussion:
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