Discussion Leaders

  • Group 1, Week 4: Networks – Social and Technological (Wed – because they are first)
    Colleen, Deborah, Emily
  • Group 2, Week 6: Networks – Personal Learning Networks (Mon)
    Adam, Danny, Holly, Khongor, Tammy
  • Group 3, Week 7: Digital Economics (Mon)
    Amy, Chia-Ho Kang : Anneka,  Gary, Jessie
  • Group 4, Week 8: Online News (Mon)
    Cecilia, Grace, Jake, Parisa, Tim
  • Group 5, Week 9: Online Politics (Mon)
    Sean : Chae, Ian, Nathan, Xiaoxi



Leading discussion involves actively engaging class members in a small group discussion of the topic of the day as it relates to a reading you have identified. Be sure to elicit class member participation through questions or activities.

Each member of a given week’s group (group members listed at the top of the page) will select an outside scholarly article that elaborates on the week’s general topic. Please use Lexis-Nexis or ProQuest or another academic database as your source. It is your responsibility to show how your selection relates to that week’s topic and readings.Each member of the peer group will have about seven (7) minutes to relate one reading; there will be additional time to engage your classmates in discussion. Part of your participation grade is determined by how much you, as a class member, participate in weekly discussions.

Be as creative as you’d like to be when presenting your information. You must create a Powerpoint presentation, upload it to Slideshare.net, and link it to your student blog. Maximum of seven slides (last slide is a credit slide). There are two posts required; no late posts accepted.

  1. Before class, you must post an abstract (including correct APA citation) to this blog. The post should also link to your Powerpoint presentation on Slideshare.net  (preferably embed it) and any outside source material (such as YouTube files) that you use in the presentation.
  2. You must also post a reflection on the experience to your blog by 5 pm on Friday the week that your group is responsible for leading discussion.
  3. You must categorize both posts “Discussion Leader.”

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