week 7 – wednesday (3 August)


  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Blogs
  • Diigo Project



  • Review criteria for assessment – remember categorize “reading” and DL reflections – have some info on your about page
  • Review “more” tag (image) and “link” (image)
  • Info: WP profile and Gravatar

Diigo Project

  • Small groups: looking for patterns
  • Remember: upload something for an avatar (does not have to be a photo of yourself)
  • Add : Google+

For Next Week

  • By Monday at 9 am, 10 Google+ resources – no more than three from any one resource, divided among tips/how-tos, research, examples of use
  • This will be more difficult than Twitter exercise – why?
  • Remember: date, resource tag, GooglePlus tag

About Kathy E. Gill (@kegill)

Digital evangelist, writer, teacher. Webmaster at King County Elections; educator at UW. Transplanted Southerner; teach newbies to ride motorcycles! @kegill, gplus.to/kegill, http://wiredpen.com

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  1. – Lots of NYT articles -> good google juice, familiarity, reputation/credibility, pro-Twitter
    – Twitter can be a good source for new
    – EBSCO Host

    – Remember phrases “John Edwards”
    – Quality and relevance v quantity
    – what key words would you use to search for this article?
    – More than two
    – Look for keywords in author’s conclusion
    – specific
    – Date may be helpful
    – Concepts (meta)

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