Online Journalism

Abstract: The article focused on three aspects: First, it discussed the 4 types of online journalism consisting of Mainstream News sites, Index & Category sites, Meta & Comment sites, and Share & Discussion sites.  The author provided distinctive attributes of each and gave some examples of websites which fell under those categories.  In addition, Mark Deuze also provided characteristics of online journalism including hypertextuality, multimediality, and interactivity.  He describes the aspects of these traits and also invites the reader to think about questions concerning them.  Lastly, Deuze lists the new strategies for online journalism consisting of annotative reporting, open source journalism, and hyperadaptive news sites.  He explains how these various strategies have been employed by online journalists and the pros/cons associated with them.

Statement of relevance:  Online journalism is the method through which we as consumers can gather online news.  In browsing the Internet for news, we inevitably end up on one of the sites within Deuze’s 4 categories.  We also consistently encounter the characteristics he observes.  Hypertext is how we often progress from one news piece to another, while different kinds of media and interactive factors help us absorb the news in various way.  Also, we can see an increase in the new strategies Deuze describes: The fact that we comment on each others’ blogs within this Com300 class is a perfect example of audience participation.


—Deuze, Mark. “Online Journalism: Modelling the First Generation of News Media on the World Wide Web.” First Monday. Oct. 2001. Web. 31 July 2011. <>.

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  1. I really enjoyed your discussion, good job! You brought up these different categories, which really made me think about what type of online news consumers I am. I actually find it hard to place myself exactly in any one field. First off, I often go to Mainstream News sites and get the news, because I think they are more credible than other sites. However, when I’m especially interested in one particular incident, I would look at index and category sites and try to seek out more information. And occasionally, I’m interested in reading people’s comments or opinions on Share and Discussion Sites, just for the sake of researching or curiosity.

    Also, I think nowadays there are a lot of news sites are a comprehensive construction of these four types of online journalism. For example, the mainstream news sites would also provide search engines and offer links to related news articles, and they may also have a platform or BBS for the readers to share and discuss their opinions too.

  2. Good job on your presentation! Your questions really made me think about what kind of news sites I rely on for information. I mainly go to mainstream news sites to get my news because if I’m not looking for anything particular, I like to see my choices of news. I go through politics, weather, sports, and especially local news. I also go on Google News which is an Index & Category site when I want to search up news on certain topic. I don’t really use the other sites because I don’t really comment on news.

    A value I see in online journalism is that information is spread in a quick, rapid manner. You will always be constantly updated with news, so it’s useful that we have it online compared to the old days where we go through the newspaper or watch the news program on the TV.

  3. Your topic is really interesting. I haven’t realize what type of online news I usually consume before read your slides. I mainly use Index/Category sites than mainstream news sites because I usually search and read news on certain topic what I’m interested. If I want to watch overall news of the day, I usually watch TV news at night. Also I go to Share/Discussion sites to read others comments of a heated issue and related news that people post to share. I think the merit of online news is we can pick news what I want to read and share our opinions.

  4. I really like your presentation, it was very clear explained and easy to understand your opinions and the topic your share. I agree that online news today gives us a great amount of information which is not necessarily true or reliable, however, there is still lots of ways that we can exam the knowledge by search relative topic. So I believe that online news provides us a convenient way to gain information and material that we need. Otherwise, I also like how you divide the method of online news, personally, I really rely on it. Usually, I will read broadly when I have no idea about what is going on, and search the topics that I am interested in. Thank you for your share, I really enjoy in it.

  5. I really like your presentation. I have to say so far I think this is the best presentation I’ve ever heard this quarter. Like we talked about in class, I am a main stream news reader. I am not very interested in reading new, cause they always made me upset. But to be honest, I think I need to do more news reading. Online news would be a very valuable way for people to figure out what is going on in this world. We definitely need this new media.

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